Chamber approves MPs who approve spending to support federal health programs

05.12.2022 – 00:20 TS

Zeca Ribeiro / Chamber of Deputies

Aluisio Mendes, MP

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday (11) Measurement Schedule 1080/21, which expands the objective of using the resources of the Fund for the Construction and Functioning of Workplaces. The end of the Federal Police (Funapol) to approve the financing of the plan. health insurance and payment of payments on time. The letters will be sent to the Senate.

Historically, MPs have only authorized the use of up to 30% of Funapol’s resources for health care and the cost of transportation, services and food to servers in operation or function of events.

However, the change of journalists, the deputy Aluisio Mendes (PSC-MA), increased to 50%, also including expenses with payments. The text replaces Rule 89/97, which creates money.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Minister of Justice and Public Security will establish restrictions and conditions, as far as possible. Payments will be made to Federal Police employees who voluntarily remain at the disposal program, as in the past, waiting for a call to report to the service after it has been made. work 8-hours or 40-hours a week.

There will be no taxation of Income and Security for payment. The money will not be included in the employee’s payroll or used as the basis for calculating any other benefits of any kind, including for the purpose of calculating retirement or death.

Mendes’ claim that the cost of each time paid in this way would be equal to 1/3000 of the maximum salary of the police officer, which, in the case of the job at the police, up to R $ 30 thousand. That would be $ 10 an hour. Considering all holidays in available, the total purchase price is R $ 480.00.

Time can also be paid into performance.

In the event that the server is unable to volunteer, the effective hours of a single call are charged, and the cost of payment is deducted. restricted.

The amount necessary for the payment of this type of payment will come from the allocation of funds through the Federal Police.

In addition to restricting payments and receiving payments, the administrator policy will specify the conditions and procedures for the server to receive payments, supervision The principles of economics, voluntarism, self-sufficiency, efficiency, continuous service of public service and the highest level of public service. interest.

Mendes said that “the lack of control over the content is old and, according to this, the need to keep the content consistent is important,” said Mendes.

In plenary voting, a spotlight of the New, which intends to eliminate the payment of medical expenses from the text.

Report – Eduardo Piovesan
Modified – Pierre Triboli

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