Ceni worries about acting

The recent performances of São Paulo are key to Rogério Ceni deciding to come up with different ideas in today’s win (12) over Juventude, which qualifies the team for the tournament. at 16 of the Copa do Brasil. Substituting at 4-1-3-2 normally, the coach sends to the field with three defenders, in 3-5-2.

“In the last two games we have not been good in the line of four defenders. In the game against Fortaleza, we have scored a goal in a relegation game. Lung Juventude, we made the goal of retreating from left to right. We did not do very well., technically we lost a little bit. I tried the design yesterday and I have confidence again, that this line of five would well cover the rise of Juventude, “he explained, in an interview after the meeting. competition.

São Paulo played with three defenders in the first 45 minutes of the match. Returning from the break, Luan and Patrick entered the offices of Gabriel Neves and Arboleda, making the team play again in 4-1-3-2. Despite a 2-0 win and qualifying for the next round, Ceni said it was necessary to open up a warning affecting the performance of the team.

“We had a good game after Paulista. I did not know it was too much of a game, but the warning sign started. We did not get 10, 15 minutes of good play, together This worries me. I’m very happy with the win, the distribution, the club needs the money, but it shows that we have to be careful to play better, we have to play better and earn more “, he added.

At the end of last year, Ceni was asked about his ability to play with three defenders, but he abandoned the idea because he understood that the São Paulo team had a few options. Asked today about the need to support the project, the coach addressed the serious financial crisis of São Paulo to determine the potential.

“At the moment we can not take anyone. There is Luizão who is well trained and a third defender against Everton. The window only opens in July. We have four more defenders with Miranda, it is not something. [esquema com três zagueiros] that we will use the whole game. We can go back with a line of four. To play with our defenders, you have to have good results, the winger leads the game inside. I like the line of four better, men of creation. But I’m more worried about the first man holding, I know Luan will not do it, so I like to have more protection below. Nestor thinks he and Neves are entering. We had a great time playing, ”he added.

São Paulo returns to the area next Sunday (15), when they receive Cuiabá, in Morumbi, for the sixth time in Brasileirão. The competition will take place at 16:00 (Brasília time).

Check out more from Rogério Ceni at the press conference:

Why is Pablo Maia not registered?

No, Pablo came in right at the beginning of the Fortaleza game. In the system I chose, I found that Neves … was not registered because Nestor was registered and about to start this contest. I have Luan playing inside [esquema] standard and Nestor two-wheel drive. But I lost Nestor 10 minutes early and I did not have time to take Pablo.

From the system we choose to play, we have no other choice. We have 30 players in the team and every now and then one will leave. Miranda was released last week due to a stomach ache, today Nestor felt bad before the game. We try to find ways to fix it without a player.

Did you discuss the interview with Volpi and Marquinhos?

I did not consult. I heard something about Marquinhos in CT, I’s not going to delve into something I do not really know, but something about a false promise, I do not really know Really and that would be an opportunity to get some money. But I will not delve into the story.

Volpi knows nothing. He has problems on his shoulders, he works every day, he has to come back in 15 days.

Director Diego Costa

The greatest gift of his renaissance was the football he played. He has an active voice, he speaks a lot in the voice. He is one of the players who has changed the most since I arrived. Fans know this.

I think worth it. At the end of my career I will give belts to many players to get a feel for how they behave. We have turned the leader’s belt a little bit, it is important to take responsibility, take responsibility.

I am proud of the renewal of his contract, he is a player who has everything to value himself so much. I think they are our best in the field: Diego, Jandrei and Leo. That’s why we need players who earn more money.

The importance of home play

For us it helps a lot, because you do not have to travel. Now everyone out of here, they have to go to their house – I do not know if they will, but they should – and that helped a lot in coming back to us.

Play at home, in Morumbi, on the sound, which I do not know how it turns out now with the Metallica show … the better we play at home, the better we benefit. We want a big victory away from home, which is what bothers us so much. But be warned that at home, against Santos and today, we have not played well.

We can not lose confidence, we must make it move, change, tighten.

Are you happy to get back the players criticized by the fans?

I was happy to see the athletes, especially the training in the club. The mind never bothered me, I was once booed at Pacaembu, known as the worst athlete in Brazil. I understand the fan, it is a thought. I think it’s important that you support, as this team has accomplished in every game.

I’m very happy for Igor [Gomes]four [Igor] Vinicius. Do not bother me. I do not climb online, this [celular] He works with people, does not interfere with my work. I know there are a lot of people around here, I am not. I climb based on what I see in training and daily.

Why did Luan take so long to recover?

The injury he suffered was severe, he stopped for a long time. He, in my opinion, is the player I understand the most as a first-teamer, but he can not play 90 minutes, so it is necessary to change and I can not have the player for 30, 40 minutes.

He had to be fast in every way he liked for over 90 minutes. He was a player who held the position, but today I can not let him go.

The support needed is for Marquinhos to leave

If Marquinhos leaves, I think it opens up the possibility, but we have to see the club’s finances. One is what you want, the other is the reality of the times.

Marquinhos helped us mostly when he started in the second half, he helped us more when he started mostly in the second half. It is good in us that we use the front because it helps, recomposes, to the bottom. You get something different than when you had Alisson, Sara, Igor Gomes. But let’s talk to see the reality of the club.

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