Ceni, the coach of São Paulo, can take 16 games from the competition for the submission against Bragantino | Sao Paulo

São Paulo coach Rogério Ceni has been indicted by the STJD on two counts of the Brazilian Sports Justice Code for incident involving a draw against Red Bull Bragantino, for the Brazilian Championship, and could carry up to 16 the competitive edge.

Ceni criticized the performance of four judges, Salim Fende Chavez, who questioned the lawyer, Bruno Arleu de Araújo, for his warning. He denied any wrongdoing to Chavez and said he had asked the representative of the tournament to give him a yellow card for the first time, which, according to the coach, resulted in four Judge requested a red card. (see video above).

In summary, Araújo declared Ceni out of the technical area, attacked and later caused “violence”:

– For deliberately disclosing his work area, disagreeing and protesting with the introduction of the 4th Guardian, Mr. Salim Fende Chaves, quotes the following: “Decision at home!”. I also tell you that, after the removal, he was surrounded by the 4th Guardian, causing a commotion, giving out strikes out of the game and only leaving after help. by the members of its administration.

Rogério Ceni in Bragantino vs São Paulo – Photo: Diogo Reis / AGIF

STJD understands that the instructor violates the rules of Art. 257 (participation in disputes, disputes or uprisings, during contest, contest or equivalence) and of Art. 258 (for example, any misconduct for discipline or athletic conduct is not covered by any other provision of this Code).

The maximum penalty can reach up to 16 bouts in addition to the two bouts. However, the defense of São Paulo only asked for a warning, something more than the circumstances of this incident.

The coach received a delay for the Reds in the next controversy, against Santos, in Morumbi. Aide Charles Hembert led the team, winning the match 2-1.

Ceni will regularly host São Paulo on Thursday, at 19:30, against Juventude, for the return leg of the third round of the Copa do Brasil. The first branch ends in 2-22 draw.

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