Ceni talks about Marquinhos coming out: “I hear rumors in CT”

Coach Rogério Ceni confessed this Thursday, after a 2-0 win over Juventude, striker Marquinhos left São Paulo. With the confirmation from Arsenal, the player announced in Cotia had a good opportunity to speak well to Tricolor in June, during the transfer window to open Europe.

“I did not consult. I also heard rumors about Marquinhos in CT, I am not sure. It looks like it’s a promise, I will have the opportunity to get some money at this time, but I do not know the history, “Ceni admits.

As seen by the report of the Sports GazetteArsenal, from England, are pleased with Marquinhos and have set a target of 3 million euros (R $ 15.9 million).

The price is low, it is true, but because Arsenal know Marquinhos’ commitment situation. As he signed a contract valid for five seasons when he was a child, more specifically at the age of 16, the athlete had a good chance of terminating his contract. words with São Paulo if he applies for FIFA.

Under the auspices of the world of soccer, underage athletes can sign a contract valid for up to three seasons. São Paulo, on the other hand, is in accordance with the Pelé Act, which allows for greater contracts. However, in situations like this, if he goes to FIFA, the athlete usually gets released.

S ,o Paulo recently went through this with defender Lucas Fasson, who cut him off for the same reason and ended up signing with La Serena, from Chile, before switching to Athletico-PR.

“If Marquinhos leaves, I think he will open up [de contratação], but we have to see the finances of the club. One is what you want, the other is the reality of the times. We have Caio, which is not listed, but works with us. Marquinhos helped us especially when he got into the second half, he got up more in the last 20, 30 minutes. When the game started, it didn’t do well, “Ceni said.

“It recomposes, scores, goes deep. You get different choices than Alisson, Sara, Igor Gomes, who have a contest. Let’s talk and see what the potential is, if there is a way out. I hear rumors, I read things, I see that there is an expectation that he will leave São Paulo. “, he concluded.

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