‘CBF should not prevent a small club from playing at home’

Palmeiras was greeted by fans in Londrina, where they meet today, at 19:00 hours, against Juazeirense for the third stage of the Copa do Brasil, in a game ordered by the Bahian club, which did not can play in its stadium due to the minimal capacity of the public that is required by the CBF. The event of Estádio do Café will have revenue for Juazeirense, but with the presence of Palmeiras fans and not the club that is currently debating the national Series D.

Depends on UOL Sport NewsMilly Lacombe criticized CBF for protecting small clubs by holding matches in their stadiums due to minimal capacity, which left fans unable to see their team play against Most clubs in Brazilian football.

“I think this rule of small teams, which is already broken, when they will have TV, play against teams like Palmeiras, can not use their stadium, play in their city, call their fans, their fans. Go there, I do not like that, I think it does not have to be the minimum capacity, it must be the game of the stadium ball, otherwise it is useless for you to build a very wide Copa do Brasil. “, said the journalist.

“The expansion is true to have David and Goliath arguing and you know a small team can win a big team, football is full of this story, even in the venue. “There are a lot of games that are not for small teams, we have in. World Cup Brasil stories are unbelievable, like Santo André in the crowd Maracanã won the Copa do Brasil by Flamengo”, he added.

Eduardo Tironi said that in the case of Palmeiras, as had already happened with the Corinthians, had won two home games and that the CBF should take some measures to avoid harming the organizations small in such situations.

“I’m sorry for my sincerity, but Corinthians and Palmeiras won both home games and I’ve seen this unbelievable, the team has its stadium in in Juazeiro, they play there, Portuguesa do Rio the same, and then I have an idea, if the stadium is not in danger, CBF spills money, it should reward the This team that went to the Copa do Brasil with the conditions for the stadium “, said Tironi.

“If 20,000 people don’t fit then 5,000 will fit and another 15,000 CBF will be given like it has a bigger box for this club, so the clubs can play at home. Of course, it is “It’s very cool to see Palmeiras fans. The base of Palmeiras in Londrina, where there are a lot of fans, but to me it is different, what it’s against the spirit of Copa do Brasil,” he said. concludes.

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