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Guilherme Arana’s dismissal sparked controversy over the fine for Galo

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) announced, on Thursday (12), the sound of communication between the referees in the match between Atlético and Red Bull Bragantino, which ended in 1-1 check this Wednesday (11). The game’s’s capital prediction, penalized for Galo being eliminated, is the main target of the investigation.

The entire communication of the committee can be heard is here. In the 19th minute of the first half, after Guga tried to finish, the ball deflects and goes to Guilherme Arana, which is completed. A brace from defender Léo Ortiz, from Bragantino, and referee Bráulio da Silva Machado scored, sending the defender out of the São Paulo club.

In a review of the game, Bráulio was called to the VAR watch because Arana would be in the offside position when he received the ball in the area. When the assistants identified the movement, he could hear Bráulio talking to the players: “I did the procedure, and I just whistled with ok”, he explained to the players play in the field.

The penalty and expulsion of Ortiz were not questioned by the group. However, the deflection after Guga kicked out the guardians in disbelief, because the protective touch could initiate the reform, and thus put Arana in law. for games.
“Bráulio, I agree to check to see if the defense is really playing. In my opinion, he is playing, and there will be no offside positions, but we need to define more” agree one of the services. At the time, the crime itself was also being re-examined, according to the team, “because it is defined”.

In a review, the head of the club concluded that the Bragantino defender had no goal of playing, and therefore, his touch would not put Arana in law. to complete. After more than 6 minutes of scrutiny, it was agreed that the match was for penalty and dismissal of Léo Ortiz, but with the offside, all matches were canceled.

minutes before the confusion, Ytalo opened the scoring for the home team. In the second half, however, Argentinian Nacho Fernandez scored with a free-kick and a free-and-free tie.

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