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The Gato Mestre provides valuable information every round in Cartola. However, the guru of many charters now has a “candidate”. “GATO SABIDO S / A 4”, a team owned by Gisele Trajano, from Porto Velho, Rondônia, reached an unbelievable 469.57 points in April. the flamingo He was the winner of the month in the Méliuz Awarded League and won a voucher worth R $ 5,000.00.

The goal of Gisele’s challenge is constant. In the first three rounds, there were at least 130 extra points in each of them. Evidence suggests that decision-making is an important part of the strategy.

– There is a return, a time of team, but if you have confidence in a player or team, go with it without fear of making a mistake.

Performance of “GATO SABIDO S / A 4” in April

Round # 1 130.77 It
Round # 2 138.35 It
Round # 3 136.65 It
Round # 4 63.80 It
ALL 469.57 ib

That’s how in # 2, the highest-scoring, “GATO SABIDO S / A” has all the Bragantino’s backline up. But to be confident, you also need to know better, more to get good grades and more competition. The flamenguist says it along instructions from Cami Campos, Footstats and Caio Ribeiro. Her husband, Edson, also helped with the lines. All resources have been used, with some exceptions. Even people who would describe the game on TV were included in the count.

– Undoubtedly, some descriptions bring good luck to some players. In the case of Ademir, whenever it’s as Rogério Corrêa explains, it can be said that the score will be good. But that is all I can say. You can watch the game to know more.

Gisele and her husband Edson, from Porto Velho, Rondônia – Photo: Self authorship

Arrascaeta is a player who does not leave “GATO SABIDO S / A”. Gisele said he was frustrated when choosing players from the organizations that face Flamengo in the environment, but that, for the sake of rewards, it was worth the effort for some time.

– I want to climb Flamengo more, but there are times when the players on your team do not perform well. This year, Paulo Sousa did not help much. You need to install that guard, Mister.

The “GATO SABIDO S / A 4” lineup in round # 2, the team scored the highest score in April, with 138.35 points. – Photo: Reproduction

Gisele team joins “Liga PC 2”. All round, the lowest player in the league is required to pay for two-liter drinks. Edson said that, last year, a card holder, Afonso, almost had to “make a contract” with the soda company, as much as he paid for drinks for his friends. . Gisele, however, says this year Afonso has improved his performance.

– We want to send an environment to all the friends of Liga PC 2, the best team in the south of Porto Velho. The base for Josué, Carlitos, Léo, Popó, Makalister, JP, Novinho, Guilherme and Afonso, which became “Afonso pay soda”.

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About the Méliuz Prize League:

Previously restricted to PRO users, the rewards are now open to all users, affiliated with Méliuz. Both free and PRO cards will have the same way to win prizes. And joining is very easy: just enter the Méliuz Prize League, collect documents, read and accept the terms of the promotion. Then, just measure your team all around and mitar!

Do not give up! Check out the details to enter the Méliuz Prize League:

  • It is advisable to complete the registration in your Globo account with date of birth, CPF and cell phone (if you have not provided it before).
  • Each user can only have 1 group to participate in the prize pool (CPF and special numbers)
  • Each user can only win 1x once in each strong prize
  • Joining the League is only for people over 18 years of age.

100 Best of Circles, Best of the Month, 5 Best of All Races and 10 Best of the Season will be awarded.

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