Campaign to encourage the adoption of children and adolescents with disabilities

The Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights (MMFDH) has launched the campaign. Choosing is choosing to loveCommemorate the National Adoption Day held today (25) in order to encourage adoptive families and adolescents with illness or disability.

Until next Friday (27) during the week of adoption, MMFDH social network will show step by step steps for adoption in Brazil, policies related to late and international adoption, race and testimonies from families They can to approve. Click and go to the Ministry page on Instagram, Facebook and twitter.

In a statement, Minister Cristiane Britto said society and the state must adopt measures that make child and adolescent rights accessible to families. For Cristiane, parenting is an act of surrender and kindness, through which the protection of love and the ability for children or adolescents to experience the welcoming atmosphere of a family are provided.

According to the ministry, by 2020, 5,040 children and adolescents will be ready for adoption in the country. Currently, nearly 34,000 children and young people are sheltering in shelters and public institutions in Brazil.

National Secretary for Children and Adolescents Mauricio Cunha emphasizes that it is the right of children and adolescents to raise and educate their families.

“When it is not possible, especially [a criança] Can be placed in surrogate families to ensure coexistence in families and communities in an environment that ensures their vital development. After evaluating the best interests of the child or adolescent, the services of a foster family, institutional adoption or adoption can Will be provided.

They can accept single people, widows, or people living in stable unions. A national plan for families and communities living together, in addition to the legal framework and concepts, guidelines, objectives, and outcomes that states, communities, families, and society in general must support to ensure the realization of the right to cohabitation. And communities.


A new tool to facilitate the adoption process was launched yesterday (24) by the National Council of Justice (CNJ). There is an active national search to promote meetings between qualified candidates and children suitable for adoption who have exhausted national and international search for families that match their profile in National Adoption and Reception System (SNA).

The first phase of the active search will allow the judiciary to present possible children and adolescents, including photos and videos. CNJ President Luiz Fux stressed that availability will always come first with court permission and the expression of interest of a teen or child when they are allowed to use the data and images.

According to Fux, the aim is to promote adoption using technology to facilitate the reunion of children and adolescents who are waiting for their parents and family life. And people waiting for their sons and daughters “who will come to them through the force of endless and inexplicable love.”

In the next phase, the tool will create a virtual environment for more than 33,000 SNA-qualified applicants to consult with children and adolescents previously available for active search.

For National Forum for Children and Youth (Foninj) Advisor Richard Pae Kim, an active search tool, joins a number of court-initiated efforts to secure the family and community rights of all children and adolescents awaiting a request. Adopted in Brazil. .

Identity saved

Pak Kim stressed that the device must retain the identities and pictures of children and adolescents and only show the name, age and status of the homeowner. “In addition, all visual material, such as photos and videos, will have a watermark with information about the name and CPF of the consultant, which avoids misrepresentation of data.”

The chairman of Foninj also informed that it will be up to the technical team of the reception service, in conjunction with the defense network and the court technical team to carry out psychological work to prepare children or adolescents to include them in the activities. Search engine.

“The active search function will be an important tool developed by the CNJ to all courts and applicants in Brazil, which will extend access to information for children and adolescents who are accepted as possible but without potential candidates. “Can be used to match their profile in order. To increase the chances of finding a family.”


In 27 matches of the 7th round of the Brazilian Championship between 21 and 30 May, banners from the CNJ Adotar é amor campaign will be displayed. The campaign has been running since 2017 and this year it has the support of the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF).

Also this week, the CNJ conducted its first audit in the sub-national administration, aimed at verifying court-recorded data in the system. The purpose is to encourage regularity in the inclusion of child information in foster care, adoption or reintegration.

Established in 2019, the sub-national administration has already registered more than 11,000 adoptions through registration. By 2021, a record of more than 3,700 completed adoptions has been reached. It also has a record of reintegration, with more than 11,000 shelters returning to live with their biological parents.

More than 4,000 people are still waiting for approval. Of those, about 2,200 could not find interested ones because they had health problems (21.4%); Have some type of disability (24.2%); And over 10 years of age (85%).

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