Call of Duty Warzone: Godzilla and Kong arrive in the game; watch the trailer presentation

Models with giants of cinema will be available until May 25th

Call the Duty Warzone just got the most famous giant monsters in cinema, Godzilla and helpcharacters arrive in the game of the event Operation Monarch and now available in-game platforms through Sony, Microsoft and not PRUA. Enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the giant monsters until May 25th.

The way Intel by Operation Monarch currently in the event led the game using the rules of the app recurwhere the mission is to make the last group survive on the island of Warzonethe type supports up to 60 players and its unique “variety” is the presence of Godzilla and help during races, bring new races to the race.

Check out the trailer below Operation Monarch.

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– Continued after announcement –

New Call of Duty may have more deadlines than planned

New Call of Duty may have more deadlines than planned
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See below for more details on the new event reported by Daniel Neeb provided Activate.

  • Intel Monarch Mode

On the ground, players will see Monarch Intel in packaged items, special items, and fallen enemies. Monarch Intel works to pay a premium that will open up products like Killstreaks and Loadout Drops, as well as a special and powerful gift, Titan Killstreak, to cover the entire investment.

The officers had to take care of Kong and Godzilla as they collected my information and removed the enemies. You get Monarch Intel rewards in addition to damage to Titan.

– Continued after announcement –

Kong and Godzilla can get angry and fight at the start of a Monarch match or another time. This is called Titan Frenzy. After receiving a warning from Titan Frenzy, the operator will have two options: reverse or try to keep them from hitting directly.

The teams that deal the most damage to Kong or Godzilla during the Titan Frenzy will receive special SCREAM items from Monarch. Competitors will also receive Monarch Intel to count on their special features. intel meter, whose end gift is the Products. NATURAL

The Titanic Device SCREAM (Titan Sonic Communication Radar and Echolocation Array Module) is a royal design that allows for the communication of ancient humans and animals.

In Operation Monarch, the SCREAM Device is a Killstreak that gives the user one of two functions: Godzilla’s Heat Ray Breath or Kong’s Earth Punch and Rock.

You will meet the way Operation Monarch? Do you like the option of Godzilla and help to appear at the event? Share in the comments with your ideas!

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