Cabral presented a plan to determine the Cruzeiro classification

Rafael Cabral defends four p
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Rafael Cabral saved four penalties in the Cruzeiro division of Remo

Goalkeeper Rafael Cabral was the hero of the Cruzeiro division in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil on Thursday night (12). On the way out of Independência field, he presented a post-defense strategy against four defeats in a penalty shootout against Remo.

“There is a bit of everything (learning and thinking). The problem of your education that sometimes ends up hurting you a little bit. There are guilt that I learn and I catch, the ultimate guilt. (Saving) I do not know. Where he hit, “he said., in an interview Amazon Prime. “I take the time to thank all the staff, who edited the video for hours sent to us, (Andr) Croda, our coach, the happy man , who studied and always stayed with us. People see me eating fine, but there are many delicious people who deserve more praise than I do, “he added.

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Rafael Cabral Shine has a special meaning. After all, it was Cruzeiro’s first penalty since the history of Fbio, the richest man, leaving Toca da Raposa II in January.

At the beginning of the year, Cabral tried to conquer the heavenly beings. So far, only 21 games have been played for Cruzeiro.

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“I always said I would not change Fbio. I came to play after him. His story here is incredible and will continue, no matter what I do,” Cabral said, serenely.

“I’m working to be confident every day, team when I need to. Today, I’m practicing football. I’m here to work. This is what I said from the beginning: we want represents this. group of fields, “he added.

“Everything we did here today … The team ran very fast, ran backwards. I’m glad I could help, I praise God for that. But I was a loser. world., I have to do better. My job is very important “, added the archer.

Ranked in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, Cruzeiro now shifts the key and turns his face to the controversy in Serie B of the Brazilian Championship. Next Sunday (15th), the celestial team will play against Nutico, in a game scheduled for 4pm, at Aflitos Stadium, in Recife, Pernambuco.

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