Bybit debuts in Brazilian sport with support from eSports team Mibr

Mibr announced three years with cryptocurrency company Bybit. The platform, a partner of F1’s Red Bull Racing, has just arrived in the Brazilian market and wants to work on eSports in the cryptocurrency market.

According to Mibr, details about the crypto world and financial education will be generated through the organization’s channels. The support will provide two financial insights for gamers looking to make a difference and invest in digital benefits.

“I look forward to having Bybit as a partner for the next 36 months. Together we will bring Mibr to the Web 3.0, better understand our fan base in the world of digital assets and deliver the experience. “As stated in Bybit, we will take Mibr to the next level”, said Roberta Coelho, CEO of Mibr.

Under the agreement, Mibr players will also participate in a global crypto event by Bybit called World Series of Trading (WSOT) 2022. Each team participating in the “Bybit family” will present their players. The best in competitive investment, leading their team to overcoming the $ 8 million prize pool, in addition to the NFTs.

“We look forward to partnering with Mibr, which will be Bybit Brasil’s first sponsor. We are committed to the sport and want to excel in the sport. In new developments or in the e-Sports environment, being a good player requires hard work to improve your performance and develop good strategies. As a digital platform, Bybit manages investments to provide secure and reliable services to our customers “, said a spokesman for Bybit.

Bybit also said he would fight gender equality and would work with Mibr on a role to change the perception of women in the world of sports and technology.

“Gender equality is a core responsibility of the company. In addition to investing in women Mibr Counter-Strike: Global Violence (CS: GO) and the Valorant Group, we will continue to develop programs with the goal of empowering women in action. to play. Bybit Brasil will work with its global team to help female gamers identify the times in Web 3.0. “

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