Bybit announces support for MIBR, one of the largest eSports teams in Brazil

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit and one of the largest eSports teams in Brazil, Made in Brazil (MIBR), this week announced a three-year partnership agreement that provides support for the MIBR team and investments. hands on learning from gamers about investing in crypto assets, in addition to encouraging the involvement of communities created by approximately four million people. Which, in this case, will involve launching a cryptocurrency.

The companies’ announcements stated that the MIBR cryptocurrency goal would represent a second phase of engagement, to promote the involvement of the community and the MIBR team, although it has not yet done so. obvious that the crypto currency in question would be a control token, an electronic device. token or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) bind to situations, e.g.

The first phase of the collaboration provides content improvement related to the global crypto currency and financial education through the organization of digital channels, aimed at gamers looking for differences and investing in profits. digital.

I am excited to have Bybit as a partner for the next 36 months! Together we will integrate MIBR into Web 3.0, better understand our fan base in the digital world and deliver a better experience. Like Bybit’s words, we will take MIBR to the next level [para o próximo nível]announces CEO of MIBR, Roberta Coelho.

Bybit is also pleased to be involved, notes:

We are looking forward to partnering with MIBR, which will be Bybit Brasil’s first venture. We teach sports and want to be the best in sports. Whether in the financial and development segment or in the eSports environment, being a good player requires hard work to improve your performance and develop good ideas.


MIBR players already have a new challenge ahead of them through new partnerships. They will participate in the global crypto event by Bybit, “World Series of Trading” (WSOT) 2022, “World Series of Trading” in Portuguese. Each team that joins the Bybit family will present their best players in a tournament venture, leading their team to win a prize of $ 8 million dollars and non-fungible tokens. (NFTs), according to the statement.


According to Bybit, collaboration is also the basis of a changing understanding of women in the world of sports and technology, arguing that “gender equality In addition to investing in the MIBR Women’s CS: GO and Valorant teams, we will continue to develop initiatives with the goal of supporting the Women in Games. Bybit Brasil will work with his team worldwide to help women gamers identify their options in Web 3.0. “

The announcement of the partnership will result in the expansion of Bybit operations in Brazil through an investment of US $ 50 million in the country. This includes the creation of a dedicated team of Brazilian investors, in addition to the reform of Portuguese products and services, in line with the culture of the country’s investors, as reported by Cointelegraph Brasil.


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