Bustos celebrates 100% victory for Santos in Vila Belmiro: “Safety makes us comfortable” | the Christians

And if he was at Peixe’s campaign in May, the Argentine coach could raise that mark. Of the six games next to Peixe, five are home, four of them at Vila Belmiro. For Bustos, it was time to make the team improve.

– Climate (in Vila Belmiro) makes us feel comfortable. But you have to work through the game to try to be the best. We also have a variety of international activities, including tours, outdoor. Now, in May, there is a lot of competition at home and we will try to be strong, try to be productive, try to grow more as a team and compete, which is we need.

Some things also affected Santos’ leadership, such as air defense equipment. Santos’ last opponent was tortured over to try to threaten João Paulo goal. Bustos understands that the team also needs to improve the design.

Fabián Bustos during a match between Santos and Cuiabá – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

– We have errors, defects, problems. I believe these are things that we need to improve. I do not like to talk because players think a little … but it is always there. We need to fix this, it’s the situation. We need to improve many parts of the game like design. I like to fight from the outside, developing with a lot of local players. And I do not like to acknowledge goals. Today they turn into a good cross, but we have acknowledged a goal that we can not guarantee.

Check out more from Fabián Bustos’s press conference:

– It was planned because we played eight games together every three days. So, it was planned because the people with the few minutes (Sandry, Camacho) came very well, our grade grew and they needed minutes to show that we are not 11, we are 25, that we are a compact. team and that we will grow. I understand that Santos is a team that has always wanted to be an actor. But playing 2,800 meters above sea level, I knew the game we had to play to get the most out of it. We did well, now we are home and it goes well as planned. For the next game we have to identify what the players do. I do not think we will change big, because it is a challenge and it is important to be able to turn the outcome.

Similarities and differences between Cuiabá and Coritiba

– They are two good teams, two teams play like guests. They have good players, similar tactics. Coritiba’s immediate attack and Cuiabá as well. We have met them twice, here (in Vila) and at their home. It is a team with good players and we will try our best to achieve our goal. It’s hard for Angelo to recover and Maicon needs to be carefully examined so as not to cause more serious injuries.

The departure of Marcos Leonardo and the rotation of the group against Goiás

– Fans should support Santos, not the player, the title. Santos is bigger than anything. I would like to say to the fans that there is a time when there is a need for dialogue, some programs need to identify the performance of the player. But when we compete, and when we win the result, it is necessary to support the player. And for Goiás, I think the first of Coritiba, Thursday. Depending on what Thursday looks like, there may be some changes. Santos has to be competitive and it is an hour and a half walk. We will try to make small changes as soon as possible. Rwan Seco has a little time and play.

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There was no sound and no goal from the players who came on the bench

– At first I could not speak, but it was through a campaign against Católica. Flu, medicine. I lost my voice. But Lucas (the helper) was there and he understood me. We work on every challenge of everything we want to do and do what we can to improve. Speech problems are the first time. I’m glad the players can get the goals because it makes the team competitive. The forwards score goals and help us stay competitive. I have always said that I have been blessed by God, I believe in Him and He is with us now

Get ready for Thursday’s game

– I do not want it to be like the second game (against Coritiba), but like the first. One we play well, the other bad. In the first half (of the second game) we defended poorly. Let’s take a look at how the team worked on Tuesday and start translating. They are a good team, with good players, with great speed, they play good, good dead ball. There is a lot to examine and we need to be clear to achieve the result. Let’s try to make our fans happy.

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