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Friday, March 25 c. Bridgerton (2020 – present) Return Netflix Inc. For its second season. Contemporary novels based on the works of Julia QuinnWhich will bring its second year focused on the first siblings Viscount Anthony Bridgerton And your love interest Kate. However, before entering the new novel, we need to remember some important events from the previous season.

Lady Whistledown

With the description by Julia Andrew, Lady Whisthedown Is the biggest gossip in London, she was responsible for revealing high society scandals during the season of matching to the smallest detail.


Correct in the first episode Daphne Bridgerton And Simon Basit Or (Duke Haste) Meet during high social football matches, however, at first sight the two can not stand together.

However, after an embarrassing situation involved Dap, Simon It is Lord Nigel Berbrooke In the garden, shortly after her brother announced that she would marry the Lord unwillingly, the two concluded an agreement that included arousal to avoid a loving mother and find a husband for her. Also. Daphne.

Marina Thomson

Meanwhile at the Featherington family home. Marina Thomson Arrive to capture the attention of many plaintiffs, one of them is Colin BridgertonBut in addition to the many beauties. Thomson Also hides a big secret, the son of Mr. George CraneWho left for the war before Marina left for London.

However, the secret of the actress was discovered immediately. Portia Featherington Who forged the letters CraneMarina worried and afraid to marry an old man decided to cheat CollinsBut his plan will be revealed to society soon Whistle.

The Duel

After Anthony Catch Simon And Daphne Kissing in the garden, the duke refuses to marry her, leading the two to fight for the girl’s honor. But before the worst happens Dap Blocked the match immediately after realizing that the couple was seen by others in the garden Cressida Cowper.

When asked about the duke not wanting to get married, he revealed that he could not have children. The woman who decided to marry him. SimonSet aside your biggest dreams.

Eloise Holmes

About that Eloise Bridgerton Deciding to find out who the mystery writer who terrorized London society, her investigation caught the attention of the Queen, who sought to silence Lady Whistledown.


Married now Daphne And Simon Is living at their wedding, but the girl’s distrust reveals the great duke’s secret he may have You can. When Destroyed by Discovery Daphne So she planned to get pregnant, but the results of this plan separated the two lovers and left them standing in the war. Discussions were interrupted shortly after the scandal. Marina The couple had to return to London to help. Collins.

Lord Featherington Debt

In addition to the scandal surrounding the family, it was also revealed that the lord Featherington He owed money to gamble and did not even have to pay his daughter’s dowry.

By bribing a boxer Will To lose the fight, the owner takes all the money back but is killed after finding his frame. The event leaves the family in the hands of a stranger.

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