Brazilians in the Women’s Champions League: champions, who play in the final and more

If Brazilians compare it to good football, the story is no different from that of women in sports, where historical stars have marked a time in international organizations.

The Women’s Champions League, Europe’s most important league of associations, has held some of the biggest names in Brazilian football. Playing since 2001/02, the tournament has featured Marta, Cristiane and other Brazilian stars as his mainstay since then.

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With the decision of the 2021/22 Women’s Champions League approaching, between Barcelona and Lyon, the Goal has prepared a complete list with all the Brazilians who have participated in the final of the tournament. and the best performers of the competition.

Brazilians in the women’s Champions League final

In the fourth edition of the Women’s Champions League, a young Brazilian played in his first European final for Umea of ​​Sweden, Marta, now considered the “Queen of football”. The 18-year-old then made his mark in an 8-0 win over Frankfurt.

The next season introduced Cristiane to the world. The world uses when it comes to the ball in the net, the Brazilian is only 19 years old and leaves the bench twice in the 5×1 round of Turbine, from Germany, against Djurgarden.

The last time the league, Turbine met the traditional Frankfurt in decision in 2006, when Cristiane was called back from the special seat. With defeats by 4×0 and 3×2 for the nationals, the Brazilian team won the match.

After three years of hiatus, Marta returned to the Women’s Champions League final, again with Umea, from Sweden. This time with Elaine, they could not avoid Arsenal 1-0 win in the final.

The other end, another collaboration of Marta. Despite scoring the net in the first minute of Umea first leg against Frankfurt, the Brazilian suffered another defeat, with a 4-3 defeat at all.

After drawing by 0x0 in extra time, Lyon were defeated by 7×6 on penalties by Turbine (ALE). The Brazilian Simone, midfielder with crosses Santos and Metz and striker Katia, who also played for São Paulo and PSG, entered the final.

With statements from four big names from São Paulo, Rosana represented Brazil at Lyon in 2012, who beat Frankfurt 2-0 in the final of the Women’s Champions League. As a midfielder, he came in the middle of the second half.

  • 2013/14 – Marta and Isa Moreno

Back in the league final, this time for Tyreso, also from Sweden, Marta had Isa Isa Moreno in a 4-3 defeat against Wolfsburg, from Germany, with two goals from Marta . The bank also has Brazilians Rilany and Mayara, who have not yet entered.

  • 2016/17 – Formiga and Cristiane

The veteran duo are key to PSG’s strength, which met Lyon native in the 2017 final. After 0-0, the match was decided for a penalty. The Brazilians changed their price, but the French team won by 7×6.

Cristiane PSG Women

Andressa was part of Barcelona’s strong squad in the 2019 decision against Lyon Fear. The Brazilian came off the bench but could do little in the French race, winning by 4×1.

Andressa Alves Barcelona 27 09 2017

Getty Images

The Brazilian people are the best in the Women’s Champions League

In addition to participating in key decisions, some Brazilians are the best performers of some season of the Women’s Champions League. The key, as expected, goes to Marta, who has emerged as one of the best performers in four seasons.

  • Martha in 2006/07 – Another top scorer for Umea (SUE), with a goal
  • Martha in 2007/08 – Best score for Umea (SUE) with five goals
  • Martha in 2008/09 – Another top scorer for Umea (SUE), with four goals
  • Martha in 2013/14 – Our top scorer for Tyreso (SUE), with seven goals
  • Christian in 2016/17 – Third point for PSG (FRA), with the goal


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