Brazilians create World Cup album on NFT

Brazilians create World Cup album on NFT

CryptoPlayers from OpenSea.

Brazilians created a collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to simulate a World Cup sticker album, but with a unique design.

Defined as the first NFT album of the Crypto World Cup, CryptoPlayers is a collection of blockchain stickers representing football players.

The developer of the project, Diogo Ruiz, said the goal was to achieve free access to technology and “access to change in collaboration and fun”. . According to the project’s official website, the goal is to make the most usable stickers ever:

“Stickers in the real world are inexpensive. The sticker cup in the NFT world should not be. “

The players in the collection, though not really, bear a striking resemblance to real players and tips for fans. The idea is that CryptoPlayers holders will benefit from other NFTs, ads and games that will be released soon.

Examples of
Examples of “stickers” from the CryptoPlayers album.

The first upgrades have happened now, and some lucky CryptoPlayer will win a trip to Spain to see Atletico Madrid’s Spanish club box game with team star Matheus Cunha.

Because of this collaboration, the Brazilian athlete has become one of the NFTs in writing, which can be seen on the OpenSea market.

Matheus Cunha's NFT
Matheus Cunha’s NFT. Playback / The CryptoPlayers

As a legitimate website, to participate in the draw you must be The CryptoPlayer NFT author and have a MetaMask wallet available with at least one Kun Ha unit.

Promotion will not be a winner, as 10 official Atlético de Madrid shirts signed by the coach will be removed throughout the event.

The collection currently has 152 items and promises to add more each week. In addition, OpenSea Data presents 1,100 holders and a commercial volume of 2.2 ethers (ETH), equivalent to around BRL 32,400 at the time of writing.

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