Brazilian NFT game melts 99.9% after 24 hours of publicity in alleged pool attacks

The test of almost 100% of the Brazilian non-fungible token game (NFT) MekaMiners (MEKA) on the afternoon of Wednesday (23), in the 24-hour period after its release, released manufacturer in the eyes of the storm refers to the project. That is why, an alleged breach in the MEKA code could allow a hacker to exploit any game potential to cause crypto assets to fall 99.9%.

According to CoinGecko reports, around 2pm MEKA traded above $ 0.18. However, in the morning, the token traded above $ 0.21.

Map of MEKA / USS partner. Source: CoinGecko

At the time of the crash, the game, which had promised to be a joint venture between NFT Gaming and NFT Art, had a market value of over $ 22,400. An hour later, the volume was estimated at $ 227,500, at which time the hacker reported a massive theft that reduced the price of the crypto asset to just $ 0.00019.

This Thursday (24th) MEKA traded slightly higher at US $ 0.00018, with market volume slightly higher at US $ 13,000, up around 10% in impact on the previous day meltdown, but with a loss of approximately 99.9% of its release.

On his Twitter profile, the developer announced an interview with Solidity Finance asking what happened.

This Thursday, MekaMiners returned to Twitter in a voice request:

We would like to ask SolidityFinance to disclose the position responsible for the security contract issue that resulted in the loss of $ 254,000 in the contract they are reviewing.

In late January, a bigger decline for in-game-get-get-players, $ 1.2 million in NFTs. At the time, the platform went offline and developers were thinking of pulling the carpet (rup pull), as reported by Cointelegraph Brasil.

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