Brazilian court orders Sony to pay fair damages for blocking and banning PS5 users

The judges said the company had violated the Consumer Protection Code

Justice Brazil The second example punishes Sony for opening the player’s console, revoked his ban, and paid damages to the plaintiff. According to the judge of the case, the block made by the company illegally – The legal action begins in late 2020, after the author has had his PSN and PS5 accounts banned provides games that are included in the PS Plus Collection.

In season, The Japanese company has said it will restrict players who use the platform to guarantee access to PS4 registrations. for others. While in theory the catalog is available to all PS Plus users, the only way to help them is by accessing the PlayStation store using the next console.

The first decision of the case was made in November 2021, when The court ruled that this restriction violated the Consumer Protection Code and ordered the company to reactivate the device.. However, Judge Mauro Francisco Pitelli, of the Justice Department of the State of Minas Gerais (TJMG) did not uphold the plaintiff, said. he was aware of the platform terms of use and that he did not refuse to play with others.

Damage to integrity comes after consumer demand

Compensation for damages comes only after the affected consumers have requested the decision of the first order., who refused to ask for R $ 10 thousand made from it. He also said the ban would affect his term of office for one year, and the judge for review of the ruling said. Sony can not prove that PS Plus Collection games were distributed incorrectly.

Now, The Japanese company ordered BRL 3,000 in payment for the player, who already has his account unlocked and received the equivalent of BRL 4,600 for purchasing the new console. The judges involved in the appeal also said The Japanese company will only be responsible for bringing the cost of the lawsuit.

– Continued after announcement –

The decision follows a line of other controversies surrounding the developers of the PlayStation 5 that have limited their funds. In general, The Justice determined that it violated the Consumer Defense Code by failing to clarify the reasons for blocking the funds.and that could not be a good proof of the sharing of games on the PS Plus Collection catalog.


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Source: Tecnoblog, TJMG


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