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The Botafogo Board of Trustees (formed by President Durcésio Mello and the club’s vice president) has warned of a delay in launching the fund in 2021. disclosed the monthly balance, which has not been submitted since February – that. , as alvinegro law, it can extend the freedom of the board to enter into contracts and agreements.

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There were also reports that the Board of Directors had declined to submit information and financial information to the Financial Committee. The organization also said that access to the computer was “too important and insufficient for the continuation of the work plan of this University”.

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After receiving the complaint, the Judicial Council understood that it needed to notify the Justice Department of the allegations – an initial notice was issued. released on April 18:

The base of General Severiano – Photo: David Barros

– Letter makes a statement about the needs expressed in art. 120, Part II, of the Act, in accordance with the provisions of the Board of Justice is suspended “to enter into contracts and agreements, including loans and trusts of income, even within the limits agreed in the budget “, if” there is a delay of more than 30 days in the submission of the monthly balance sheet for determination by the Board Research Officer “- describes the information prepared by the Board of Directors and submits it to the Board.

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The Botafogo board is available until Thursday 19 (Thursday) to present its fairness to the delay in providing information and financial information to the Board of Directors. In contact with the ua geThe Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Vinícius Assumpção, explained that the changes at SAF had been received in a timely manner, but the results were close.

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– We need to know better how everything will work. We need to separate the money, the employees. But today we have already delivered a job with a lot of good, which has not been seen in the club for a long time in the social part. We have submitted the 2022 budget, the 2021 financial statements, the strategic plan, the only thing missing is the Let Botafogo balance sheet, which is still awaiting approval from review. By the end of next week, everything will be resolved – Assumpção said.

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