Blockchain could be the way to full, broad and unrestricted freedom in 2022 – 01/09/2022 – Mercado

The year 2021, which has passed, sees the world breathing again, after being “wet” by contagion. Those, who took to the streets later in a forced hibernation, were not the same. New behavioral traits have been maintained, along with confidence, expecting humans to be 2.0 years old.

The virtual world has forced itself for so long that we can not live without some space. We have seen almost all retired artists come back to life, human past – in a month – influencers of ten million people, the most important company in Latin. America is an online store for third parties, and many other events.

The year 2021 is a critical milestone in politics, relations and economics, which makes it difficult to predict what it will look like. However, I believe it will lead us to a community where power will be in the hands of the people, like never before. And one of the tools that can contribute to this is blockchain. His idea was revealed by the apocryphal script in 2009, for example Bitcoin, his first usable application.

After 12 years, there are already 17,000 cryptocurrencies, a third of which were created in 2021. The idea, until then restricted to gamers, nerds and experts, is beginning to reach its peak. Today, 7.5% of cryptocurrencies are in the hands of companies and governments, up from 0.5% a year ago.

Clearly, all new things create opportunities for the bad guys and the bad guys. He always did that – just remember the beginnings of venture capital in the United States during the 19th century, the California heat, the American “capitalism of the Titans”, or New Egypt of Cabo Frio.

This is how innovation goes into history and, as my most important trainer said, ‘first we created the’ White West ‘and then we called the police “We is seeing the beginnings of our online wave, led by the use of blockchain. This wave has strange and unconventional ideas as its basis: the distribution of thousands of computers around the world, the developers who work collaboratively – on top of that. last – out of passion and in the network, algorithms with all the transparency and, most importantly, the population and the numbers do not change. .

In the first wave of the internet, we have digital content replicating images of the Earth. In the second wave, which we are facing today, big companies are building their numbers, making them available to everyone to create content. However, these big companies (Facebook and Google, for example) have completely managed the future of the process, keeping people stable.

In this third phase, as blockchain, management has become responsible for the users and partners of the process that, as they are open, can lead to dreams. Sung 1971 by John Lennon: “Power to the People”. Power will move from large corporations to producers around the world, reducing the hegemony that California has enjoyed until now. The year of grace 2021 starts with small investors causing big losses for traditional investors.

Today’s marketers are betting against the “GameStop” store, which gamers have been passionate about. “GameStop” customers use the financial power of their network of “sardines” traders to, through the brokerage RobinHood, force the stock to rise and, therefore, value for what they count That is a good thing, despite the differences between analysts and “Sharks” investors on Wall Street. Many business people go to cry of American CVM, saying this move is unfair.

In November, to close the year, an event took place which, perhaps, was the best proof that the silent revolution had begun.

One of the 13 foundations of U.S. Legislature has been put up for auction at Sotheby’s in New York for between $ 15 million and $ 20 million. U.S. law is considered one of the most important benefits of the wave of French consensus and French reform. It can be said that, therefore, it represents the greatest symbol of Western Democracy. One fundraiser, using a blockchain under the name DAO (Autonomous and Decentralized Organization), raised $ 25 million in 24 hours and then $ 40 million in 72 hours to 17,400 donors.

At the end of the contest, a rich man received a copy for $ 45 million. People entered Sotheby’s for the first time, excluding the rich and famous writers, to secure one of the most important symbols of independence. They did not buy the original US law, but discounted it at twice the price required by the manufacturer.

The Web 3.0 revolution is just beginning, and it promises to change business, government, art and lifestyle. However, the most important thing is that, for the first time in history, we thought of a solution to make democracy better, because it could put together a stable set of rules, transparency, area decentralization and control in the hands of user agents / taxpayers. .. We can dream of a world where there is greater equality of opportunity, and greater transparency at all levels.

In 2022, as we achieve 200 years of independence, we must turn our eyes to the proclamation, which can bring together all the financial and human resources, in research to solve the problem of poverty and exclude our brain of 220 million cells. An important project in the country, whose main goal is to improve the population in a stable way, using all the equipment.

Web 3.0 is a great opportunity for any country that misses the first and second wave of the Internet for decades. The future cannot wait for Brazil.


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