BlockAsset Legends: Discover NFT project with great potential

Hello investor! Have you heard of the BlockAsset Legends project? This is an NFT project with great potential, and that is what we will discuss in today’s article. In order to understand the meaning, I have separated the words into the following topics:

  • What is BlockAsset Legends?
  • Community development and participation
  • Development of experience with athletes
  • Conclusion

Good reading!

What is BlockAsset Legends?

BlockAsset Legends is a collection of NFT links to photos of the best athletes in the world. As a result, it now has a list of idol worship from generations that have gone down in history. Such titles as: Muhammad Ali (former boxer), Wayne Rooney (former Manchester United and English player), etc. As a result, it is the largest sporting event associated with NFT operations to date.

The BlockAsset Legends project has an UFC relationship. The legendary Shaquille O’Neal (former Los Angeles Lakers footballer and one of the greatest players in NBA history), has claimed to have bought NFT’s from this collection (possibly his NFT tab after walking).

However, one of the problems with this collection is the distance between the population in cryptocurrencies who still do not know how to buy and retain NFT. In this way, this distance has been funneling over time and with the popularity of the crypto market.

This project is in the process of making NFT purchases through debit cards, where people can also use fiat benefits to purchase these assets. In conclusion, this should bring strong potential customers to the project.

In a few months they will be listed on OpenSea (the world’s largest NFT business platform), which could lead to more demand for the project.

Community development and participation

The BlockAsset Legends project has a YouTube channel, with videos reaching over 1 million views. From this point of view, the quality and production of these films has attracted a lot of attention and the number of users has increased. The project is to build a larger community, however, most of these people are not from the crypto world.

Source: BlockAsset Channel

Today, anyone who owns NFT from the first layer has the right to assemble in the future for 1.9 SOL, and they will be publicly traded for 2.5 SOL. This difference alone has an interesting asymmetry. Bearing in mind that, of course, the value of token SOL will vary in price during this operation.

There are several start-ups in the BlockAsset project that reward the hosts of NFT’s, including sports day training (including tickets and hotel accommodation). And other special and special experiences for sports fans were created.

In terms of collaboration, BlockAsset is very well supported and has significant partners for project development. Animooca Brand (one of the largest VCs in the crypto world today) is investing in this project.

Also, another interesting aspect of the collection is that it was created by a fan of the crypto world called “Dosbrak”.

Source: Instagram Dosbrak


As a result, he is known for his passion and passion. Thus, BlockAsset Legends shows that it is getting good growth from its community.

It is a project that has everything working out and that will depend on how much they can benefit from the involvement of their users. LUB floor price is very cheap and cost-effective, which is good and has a better asymmetry of risk than other existing jobs. floor price high.

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