Blizzard rejects rumors and does not develop games with NFT

Blizzard Entertainment CEO Mike Ybarra has acknowledged that the developer of the franchises likes the devil and World of Warcraft There are no plans to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in studio’s games.

The issue began to speculate after Activision Blizzard submitted a survey to measure player satisfaction with NFTs and other industries. The questions were sent to developers in the community, asking multiple questions, some focusing on NFTs, cryptocurrencies and game-to-get-by technology, which promised to generate value. for players.

On Twitter, a user posted a screenshot of the survey. The picture shows the question “What do you think of the following events / future in the game?”, With options including real-time image, cloud streaming, metaverse gaming experience, game-to-get gaming, and NFTs.

So it looks like Activision Blizzard is trying to see if players are interested in cryptocurrencies and NFTs in the game. I also received a survey from them [NFT] is under investigation. Tell me not to like them.

After the VGC announced the question-and-answer session, President Mike Ybarra publicly protested and said on Twitter that none of Blizzard’s work including the NFTs had a problem.

Voice warning NFTs have been holding the market in recent months, with gamers and developers alike announcing their opposition to the concept. The announcement of Ubisoft Quartz, Ubisoft’s platform focused on sales based on NFTs, has received rave reviews on YouTube, with more than 40,000 negative thumbs. The videos were privately owned on the company channel.

How do NFTs work in sports?

NFT is a type of “crypto-collectible” that has risen to the ground among artists, producers and other professionals involved in the legal process. The term stands for non-fungible token (in free translation, non-fungible token), and it is a type of cryptographic electronic key used in a special way.

The owner of the NFT is the owner of a type of intellectual property certificate, which guarantees its accuracy and consistency. In essence, NFT is something that cannot be traded because of its unique nature, unlike other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and most cryptocurrencies. As a result, these assets have no real value.

This type of technology is still new and is still controversial. NFTs and cryptocurrencies have been pointed out as the culprits for the huge impact on the environment they create, due to the use of electricity associated with mining.

The market for these assets is still uncontrolled, which makes jobs risky, because it can be a great gift for financial considerations.

Editor’s Note: Activision Blizzard is currently being investigated for allegations of sexual harassment, bullying and harassment. For more information click here.

Source: NME, Eurogamer

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