Bitcoin (BTC) fell to $ 30,000 and has already recorded almost 20% fall in the week after the withdrawal of almost $ 1 billion on cryptocurrency exchanges

industry for cryptocurrencies followed a slump in New York stock prices and continued the year decline on Monday (09). LUB bitcoin (BTC) fell 33% in 2022 and traded at its lowest level in almost twelve months.

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Source: CryptoRank

According to data from Coin Glass, there is a liquidation (sale) of $ 787 million of cryptocurrency exchanges (change) in the last 24 hours, which describes the deepening of the fall in recent days.

For the week, the loss was more than 15%, while other cryptocurrencies as an alternative to bitcoin – known as altcoins – lose more.

Examine the performance of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world today:

# Name Price 24 hours% 7d%
1 Bitcoin (BTC) US $ 30,656.97 -11.20% -19.71%
two Ethereum (ETH) US $ 2,263.60 -11.65% -19.03%
3 Tether (USDT) US $ 1.00 -0.02% -0.01%
4 IB (BNB) US $ 306.26 -14.41% -20.19%
5 USD Coins (USDC) US $ 0.9998 -0.06% 0.02%
6 XRP (XRP) US $ 0.4956 -13.45% -17.72%
7 Solana (SOL) 65.03 It -14.60% -23.99%
8 Cardano (ADA) US $ 0.6256 -16.91% -18.75%
9 EarthUSD (UST) US $ 0.9516 -4.48% -4.92%
10 Binance USD (BUSD) US $ 1.00 -0.20% -0.18%
Source: Coin MarketCap

Also check the performance of the exchange rate index gloves (ETFin English) by B3:

Tua icker the leader Price Exchange rate (24h%) Exchange rate (7d%)
HOUSE 11 hashdex PAB 29.09 -12.90% -17.36%
ETH 11 hashdex PAB 34.92 -14.62% -17.41%
IB 11 hashdex PAB 38.50 -11.58% -16.88%
DEFI 11 hashdex PAB 29.79 -11.63% -12.12%
WEB 311 hashdex PAB 31.20 -14.57% -15.10%
QBTC 11 QR investment PAB 10.18 -10.94% -16.21%
HOLE 11 QR investment PAB 8.54 -14.08% -17.96%
QDFI 11 QR investment PAB 5.08 -15.47% -15.33%
NWS 11 capital PAB 45.77 -8.44% -23.70%
Source: Google Finance

Bitcoin, global exchanges and what to expect from the week

The relationship between bitcoin and international exchanges explains why the world’s largest cryptocurrency is in collision with… ground.

Global risk puts pressure on risk-taking assets, especially exchanges and cryptocurrencies – see indicators of Nasdaqwhich retreats much stronger than other exchanges.

In addition to this, bitcoin’s liquidity is higher than among other things industry Naturally, given that working with digital currencies happens 24 hours a day – and eliminating jobs in cryptocurrencies is easier than waiting for an open exchange.

Bitcoin and Ethereum ‘Reduce’

Since they were all set higher than last year, the world’s two largest cryptocurrencies have fallen more than 50%.

We are talking about bitcoin, which has reached its highest price US $ 68,680 November 9, 2021 and has lost 52.1% of its value since then, as well ethereum (ETH), which follow the same path.

The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency has fallen about 50.6% since its all-time high on the same day in November, when it hit $ 4,860.

Fallen altcoins: Terra (LUNA) plummets

In the last seven days, cryptocurrency Terra (LUNA) is still in the doldrums of the world’s largest digital currency. With a decline of 28.39%, the network (blockchain) Terra Network going through a difficult time this week.

This happens due to nature stabilitycoin of the world, the EarthUSD (UST)saw investors travel far with more than $ 300 million coming through stabilitycoinwhich is considered to be the largest stress assessment of the network to date.

But the withdrawal of funds from the network is not due to the bad times of the market: some analysts analyze this move to rumors as well. FUD (fear, uncertainty and unbeliefin English) of the crypto industry in recent days.

However, the blockchain of the world has grown a lot in recent months, including UST Enter the room of the ten largest cryptocurrencies in the world, including Terra (LUNA), the digital benefits of the Terra Network network. Find out more about it in our special article.

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