Bitcoin (BTC) continues to ride the red wave that has held the cryptocurrency market; check the quotes

By all accounts, Friday (06) should end as it begins: with a red wave inside cryptocurrencieswhat happened bitcoin (BTC) in decline.

The move is in line with the decline of international commodity exchanges. Europe’s major markets ended the West, as did New York indices – with which the BTC was closely linked.

Once again, the worst victims of foreign trade are the Federal Reserve (Fed) and its relentless pursuit of inflation in the US.

Tighter monetary and economic conditions have returned on the radar of investors, who fear the impact of the greater financial crisis by the US central bank.

Around 8:25 pm, bitcoin (BTC) fell 0.94%quoted from US $ 36,101.01. Check out the performance of some of the key cryptocurrencies:

Name Price 24 hours% 7d%
Bitcoin (BTC) US $ 36,101.01 -0.94% -6.48%
Ethereum (ETH) US $ 2,704.30 -1.45% -4.01%
Tether (USDT) US $ 1.00 -0.01% 0.00%
IB (BNB) US $ 380.71 + 0.74% -3.22%
USD (CoinUSDC) US $ 1.00 + 0.03% + 0.02%

Bitcoin: Lightning Settlement at Exchanges

Overnight in Brazil, strong movement of bitcoin sales of cryptocurrency exchanges, which explained the decline of the day.

According to data from Cryptorank, the global stock exchange market has compiled the following releases:

  • $ 171 million at OKX;
  • $ 111 million from Binance;
  • $ 58 million in FTX;
  • $ 44 million by Bybit;
  • $ 15 million from Huobi.

Another measure that describes the fall

And the problem does not stop there. The volumetric market of bitcoin futures contracts (open interest) indicates that the offer to sell (give) is more than buy (call).

The ratio of the two, called the contact / release ratio by Coinglass, is at 0.79, which represents a higher volume of purchase.

However, the number of orders is still higher than the number of orders, which means that investors are being withdrawn from their cryptocurrencies in large quantities. This has resulted in the value of bitcoin, which has lost momentum to support its high value.

It is worth noting that cryptocurrencies are a very powerful asset because of their high income.

Traders can exchange these assets 24/7 and cancel positions in cryptocurrencies easier than any other investment.

In the face of uncertainties – such as the future of the US financial crisis, the spread of the covid-19 international and the risk of war – it is important for migration to reduce investment risk.

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