Binance NFT Chief Talks Platform Implementation Model and Paris Blockchain Regulation

Co-hosted and co-hosted by the two-day Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS), Cointelegraph Editor-in-Chief Alex Cohen sat down with Helen Hai, director of Binance’s NFT platform, for a fair discussion on early inspiration. on its platform. fungible token (NFT), with its vision for controlling communication, among other topics.

Referring to the process by which Asian industries have invested in growth potential in secondary trade, supporting job creation for the lower and middle classes, Hai said. The internet age – commonly known as Web2 – is a boon to the expansion of the industry. and digital disparities of various groups.

During the interview, Hai talked about how this skepticism could be recreated using Web3 technology, as well as expanding access to the basics of Binance’s NFT. business, the importance of cultivating relationships with regulatory bodies in law, and the issue of information about women leaders in the Web3 ecosystem.

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Binance announced its commercial non-fungible token in June last year in a bid to invest in global celebrations around digital devices, registering 2.5 million NFTs and more than 1,000 developed during 2022.

Hai pointed out that the first inspiration for this platform was from the potential for aesthetics backed by blockchain technology, speaking highly of its owner’s hopes. design and training export.

“For us, it was 2% planning and 98% implementation.” Said founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao, known as CZ, “still strong leaders, like me. If I have a good idea, he said, Helen, why do not you try to prove for yourself?

“Six months later, we gathered millions of users and developed a virtual box and launched a game offering (IGO) model for the gaming industry. We are still at the training stage, but we “We are working with our customers every day on how we can help developers stay connected with them.”

Shares its hopes for the vision of participation in the development and open dialogue with regulators in the areas of cryptocurrency and NFT, in addition to the potential impact of education and support Bringing the government, Hai said it was “very good” but now “the policy is very simple” and should be changed to “two way communication”.

“We need to get people in the crypto industry looking for better ways to communicate everything we have done well and the products we need to improve for the board, and the board.” “They need to know what’s going to happen, what the outcome will be and how. They can use policies to protect users.”

Hai was pleased to meet with senior bank executives in Dubai, who agreed with his concerns about the tight financial constraints of the banking industry compared to the cryptocurrency industry. . He said the growth of traditional economies and government offices for cryptocurrency could help connect the understanding of differences and encourage innovation.


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