Binance Hires Formerly Microsoft VP (MSFT) as Chief Financial Officer – Money

Binance has hired Rohit Wad, ex-Microsoft, and Mayur Kamat, ex-Agoda (Image: Binance / Blog)

This week, crypto exchange Binance advertised for hire Rohit Vaajformerly another vice president of the company Microsoft (MSFT)and Mayur Kamatformer Vice President of Properties of Agoda.

Wad, who has spent more than 30 years at Microsoft and other Silicon Valley tech giants, will serve as Binance chief technology officer (CTO).

In his new role, he will be responsible for engineering support and problem solving Web 3.0 scalable, consistent and fast, as well as ensuring the broker continuous security, stability and liquidity.

A new CTO is required to meet these requirements, while ensuring compliance is met in the areas where Binance operates.

Binance starts classes for free
about blockchain, as well as rewards for users

As Decrypt, Wad began his career at Microsoft in the early 1990s, helping to develop software such as Excel and Bing.

Binance’s new CTO also worked between Google and Facebook, before returning to Microsoft in 2016, when he took over as vice president.

Mayur Kamat, in turn, works at travel giant Agoda and now buys Binance the new vice president of the product.

Kamat has been working for more than 20 years in the technology and equipment industry. In addition to Agoda, it has also worked on Hiya and Google.

According to a statement from the brokerage, Kamat will lead all stages of the company’s product quality, training and development.

It will lead the Binance team in developing products that will bring a larger culture to cryptocurrencies and lower access to Web 3.0.

Binance wants to expand access to Web 3.0

With the new staff, the crypto company hopes that Wad and Kamat will focus on making Web 3.0 services more accessible and understandable to existing users, as well as new drivers for Android. Binance ecosystem.

“Less than 10% of the internet population has crypto tools. Our goal is to bring the benefits of Web 3.0 technology to all visitors, making the product marketable enough. “Everyone in the world can use it, including new start-ups. I am pleased to play a small role in providing financial freedom and support to millions of people,” he said. Kamat.

“We are working on a wide range of Web 3.0 experiences and solutions that will transform millions of people, starting with financial independence,” said Rohit Wad.

“I am pleased to be able to contribute to the advancement that Web 3.0 technology can provide to everyone,” he added.

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