“Beyond Illusions”: Compensation through Love – Behind the Scenes

The writer, director and protagonist talks about the creation process and the expectations for the first screening.

Less than a month left for the public to explore and immerse themselves in a magical world “Beyond Illusion”New Six Hour Puppet Theater Globo TV. Created and written by Alessandra PoggiWith art direction Luiz Henrique RiosPlan to tell your love story David (Rafael Vitti) and Istara (Sofia Budke / Larissa Manoela) who will face class differences, social conventions and especially the great injustice to live together full of this feeling. With the ancient elements of the series, the story begins in the Poços de Caldas (MG) and later is set in Campos dos Goytacazes (RJ) Promises to make people shiver and rejoice a lot for couples. “Puppetry is a time of heartbreak for all of us who are living in a time of great adversity. This difficulty in the world. Believing that surprises in life can be good is an element of this. We will try to bring that love to people. I’m very happy, ”congratulated Alessandra Poggi.

Betting on the lightness and attractiveness of Telenovla, which unfolded in two stages, the 1930s and 1940s, has its backing as a country undergoing significant social, economic and cultural changes. With this, the project revolves around the potential of the textile mill that began to take over the old sugarcane mill. Based on the story of its characters, ‘Beyond Illusion’ talks about the past, which makes it possible to reflect on the problems that go through life in the present. And it is in the strength of love and in its ability to fix injustice and overcome the obstacles that the thread of the plot is discovered.

“What I find most beautiful is compensation,” he said. Normally, the compensation plan is based on revenge, but in the case of Davi (Rafael Vitti), the compensation will be based on love, ”explains Luiz Henrique Rios, outlining the plot of the character who was unjustly accused and sentenced to death. Of his first love. , Elisa (Larissa Manoela) in the early stages. “We have been working on a colorful record of the past that speaks of a fascinating and imaginative past, this is not an idea of ​​external reality, but a changing reality. We want to create the past freely near the present. I want to say that this puppet show is a never-ending tale that we use this time to be able to talk about now, making the public travel to this place more attentive. So the search is: engagement, intimacy and intimacy. That is the way to tell a story, ”Luiz added.

With regard to theatrical songs, the director expects songs from different eras to be made unnecessarily Restrict to the decades in which the story takes place. “We are creating an opera that we try to repeat the standard all the time. So we have songs from the 1920s to 2022. Many of the songs were re-recorded, some of them were produced by us, but it was Songs from all the time. They’re all with more costumes for now. We’ll be playing with this for a while now, “Luiz said. The public will also be able to check out songs of the time on stage. Since one of the characteristics of Alessandra Poggi’s text is referring to the various artists and musical productions of the period.

In her first opera, actress Larissa Manoela, who will give life to her sisters Elisa and Isadora, celebrates the confrontation between two characters who at different stages fall in love with circus performer Davi. “These girls are strong. They are very determined and special. Each has their own personality. At the same time, they are sisters. It’s so inspiring to be able to live with these girls and at the same time bring to my reality what Alessandra (author) writes with. Her talent with her team, ”Larissa said.

For Rafael Vitti, who plays the magician Davi, the main theme of the story is love, which combines charm, passion, dreams and desires. “The most important thing is that we are working with joy and that is over for the viewers. “And on top of that, we have an exciting story that will really impress everyone,” Rafael said.

Beyond the Illusion ‘was created and written by Alessandra Poggi and directed by Luiz Henrique Rios. This work was written with Adriana Chevalier, Letícia Mey, Flávio Marinho and Rita Lemgruber. The general direction of Luís Felipe Sá and the direction of Tande Bressane, Jeferson De and Joana Clark. The production is by Mauricio Quaresma and the genre direction is by José Luiz Villamarim.


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