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Raphael Veiga values ​​for Palmeiras going far beyond goals and perfect football. The leader of the team that has proven himself since 2020, the Verdão coach has played an important role in many ways.

He was the all-time leading goalscorer in the final (9), the best team player in the São Paulo classics (12) and never missed a game with the shirt alviverde (21 during play and two more in penalty kicks.) ..

In the current season, Raphael Veiga is prominent in key statistics, such as service leaders and some accomplishments. In others, it also occurs in the first place (see list below).

Raphael Veiga’s numbers for the season 2022 *:

  • first team goal scoring (15)
  • first team (6)
  • first time in completion (49)
  • first time mail completed (24)
  • first in the tackles of attackers (17) – tenth overall
  • second of right crossing (30)
  • second fouled (50)
  • second in some dribbles (24)
  • third in the release of certain things (25)

* Statistics of palm treesWithout thinking of Club World Cup play in Abu Dhabi

Raphael Veiga, from Palmeiras, at Football Academy – Photo: Cesar Greco / Ag. palm trees

Last Wednesday, Abel Ferreira said in a press conference, after the win over Juazeirense, that Veiga’s importance remained in principle and in a no-ball game.

– What makes me happiest is not the dribbles, the way he plays with the ball, it’s not a penalty. He is an accomplished person, and when you have to go after him, he helps. The skills I realize he has, now the promise he has, the strong person he is … – reviews Abel.

Raphael Veiga is Palmeiras’ best player of the year, with 17 goals, considering the Club World Cup – a match valid for last year’s calendar and that does not include the club in statistics of the current season. The performance put the player in control of the average last year, as he scored 18 times in 2020 and 2021.

While he was brilliant at Palmeiras, Raphael Veiga has yet to manage coach Tite to give him a chance in the Brazilian squad. In the last called by the coach, the penultimate called before the World Cup, the midfielder left again. Through Verdão, Weverton player and midfielder Danilo has been called up.

And Palmeiras fans do not forgive. During the match against Juazeirense, in Londrina, Verdão fans cursed Tite and demanded that Veiga be called.

Raphael Veiga celebrates Palmeiras’s mission against Juazeirense – Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras

Veiga was asked after the game about the hope of the call and the feeling of hearing Palmeiras fans ask him in the selection.

– I still have hope to Option. It was a dream, just like winning the Libertadores, winning the Copa do in Brasil. I did it all. I believe this one of the options will be taken as one. I will continue to work and do my job. Great listening (listening to the crowd). This shows that I am on the right track – says the midfielder.

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