Beyond fiber: learn the benefits of lettuce and marvel

Belo Horizonte, May 12, 2022, by Camila Costa – Today, AgroNews information on the day will be about the results lettuce. Thus, you will find that these vegetables are rich in fiber and improve digestion. However, it does not limit the positive impact on our health.

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This is because, of the benefits of lettuce, is to lose weight, prevent damage from free radicals and even control blood sugar. Now, read on and discover all the benefits this green has to offer for your health.

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Excess fiber: learn the benefits of lettuce and surprise - Promotion: Canva
Excess fiber: learn the benefits of lettuce and surprise – Promotion: Canva

What if I eat too much lettuce?

According to an article on the UOL Viva Bem website, in an article written by Samantha Cerquetani and published on August 30, 2019, lettuce, when eaten regularly, brings many benefits. Also, it can be included in everyday foods very easily.

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On the other hand, this greenery can be easily grown in your garden or even in a small flower room. That is because it only needs a lot of water and sunlight to grow well. Now, explore the essential benefits of lettuce and do not waste time counting on the most nutritious foods in your daily life.

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First, let’s talk about the amount of vitamin A in food. As a result, it keeps our eyes healthy and also frees us from the stress of the night. In addition, it prevents many degenerative diseases associated with vision.

On the other hand, if you want your skin to look younger, include lettuce in your salad. After all, vegetables have a high content of antioxidants. In this way, it protects our skin cells from damage caused by premature aging. Not to mention that it also contains vitamin E. Therefore, it promotes the production of collagen by our body and also prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

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including these the results lettuce, we can mention its high amount of iron and folic acid. In addition, these nutrients are important to fight and prevent anemia. In addition, it helps our gut to absorb the nutrients we eat in other foods. In this way, you can maintain good health of iron by eating these vegetables daily.

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