Between Anything and Nothing of Depression: Understanding Border Behaviors Negative

The constant presence of a child coaster of emotions – this is the instability of conflicting behaviors. The term, which in English means something like border or border line, should be replaced by borderline, which, in this context, also indicates the same Meaning: a good line of everything and nothing.

According to psychiatrist Rodrigo Martins Leite, from the Institute of Psychiatry, Das Clínicas Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, USP, the conflict is related to the so-called nuclei of impulsivity, exaggerated behavior and instability in relationships, and often manifests at late development. and early old age.

“[Pacientes com borderline] they are people who have struggled to maintain relationships throughout their lives, reaching multiple segregation levels and may be at high risk of suicide. Conflict of borders is a pattern maintained over time, it does not change, so there are difficulties for personal and social cohesion ”, he explained.

According to the MSD Guide, there is also a preference for suicide, which increases the risk of suicide in patients with border injuries up to 40 times higher compared to the general population. , with between 8% and 10% of them dying by suicide.


Although the borderline has good characteristics, the diagnosis is not simple and can be confused with other conditions, such as bipolar disorder, for example. To be diagnosed, the patient is identified by his or her medical history and life history from an early age.

“We know that conflict has to do with childhood incidents, abuse, not sexual, but emotional, and many other neglects, in addition to patterns of conflict. get along with parents.So, in most cases, the problem arises from the nature of instability and difficulty in children.We do the diagnosis by anamnesis [lembrança] person “, explained the psychiatrist.

Although there are similar characteristics, the severity of the disease and bipolar disorder vary from time to time, according to experts.

Border instability is characterized by conflict throughout life, especially in the face of stress, bipolar disorder is characterized by well of mania, hypomania and depression.

“This stress disorder is an important sign of borderline behavior. But, in practice, it is not easy to differentiate, because two events can occur together. in the same person, and sometimes it is difficult to characterize by mental examination if we are experiencing some level of bipolar disorder or if it is oscillation. , “said the expert.

In addition, borderline patients can also suffer from other ailments, such as depression and anxiety, or even experience chemical problems.

In some cases, the difficulty of the relationship can be so severe that it also affects the doctor-patient relationship, making it more difficult to identify the problem. .

“Usually, people go through more than one specialist until they get to the exam. Another problem is that, many times, the specialist concludes not to say this to the patient, because in a way it seems that the person’s character is the one who has the conflict, and often he finds his behavior is natural or understandable. in the face of how he suffered, but he did not have the criticism of knowing that the way he suffered and affected was problematic ”, said the psychiatrist.


Treatment for border disorder is essentially pharmacological and non-pharmacological, according to experts. Medications are used to control impulsivity for certain conditions or to treat other conditions that may be associated with it, such as depression and anxiety.

However, the psychiatrist states that psychiatric treatment is an important friend of the person with the disability. In this case, treatment is long-term and seeks out the personal feelings of the patient.

“It is difficult to be mentally ill, because people need to understand the consequences of their actions, understand how much of their behavior causes them problems, which , in general, is perceives. [dificuldades] outside the person. The main focus is on psychotherapy, with drugs working in multiple satellite directions, ”said Leite.

It is worth noting that the diagnosis of the disease should be made by a specialist, as well as medical treatment.


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