‘Better than Bitcoin’, Ethereum (ETH) could rise 270% in 2022 and hit $ 10,000; Cryptocurrency has been identified as the ‘future of the internet’

After hitting its all-time high of US $ 4,600 in November 2021, an increase of 370% year-on-year so far, Ethereum prices have fallen by 40% and are now said to be around BRL 2, 7,000 in the face of global financial growth, governance. Fear in the United States and violence in Russia and Ukraine.

This is because it is an investment that has attracted investors (banks, executives, multi-billionaires, etc.). Thus, it is natural for these large ventures to complete their positions in riskier assets in the face of global turmoil. And cryptocurrencies entering this field, are associated with other risky markets, such as commodities and real estate.

Faced with this situation, cryptocurrency analysts believe that time is not affected by the cost, but hope for the long term that some cryptos carry, like Ethereum.

In the view of crypto asset analyst Vinícius Bazan, by Empiricus, it is possible that the crypto industry will reach US $ 5 trillion in market value by 2022. In in 2021, the capital of the sector will reach US $ 3 trillion.

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“We believe that this year the market can grow up to $ 5 trillion mark. With market capitalization of small size, we can have bitcoin about $ 100,000 and ethereum of $ 10,000,” said the analyst of cryptoassets Vinícius Bazan.

This would equate to a 270% increase in the second largest cryptocurrency market on the market in 2022. But those who think that the increase is led by market growth are simply mistaken.

In the eyes of experts such as Helena Margarido, Vinícius Bazan and André Franco, scheduled updates will be made to Ethereum technology – which supports the development of multiple platform interfaces, through financial investment. Maker to the game – more.

One of them is Merge, which will replace the given etherer. “We will see the latest deflationary dynamics in Ethereum, beneficial to long-term investors in assets,” explains Bazan.

This means, nothing more and nothing less, that the supply of ethereum will decrease in the face of increasing demand. And that is where the law of commerce comes in: with declining commodities and rising demand, rising prices.

Another key is the importance of Ethereum in developing the “new internet”. I discuss this below, but first, one caveat: knowing that this long-term prospect does not mean that Ethereum is not subject to volatility, or bitcoin should not be ignored as one buys time for wealth.

In addition, the uncertainty in regulating global migration, which has led to a major impact on the global macroeconomic scenario and the competition of “Ethereum killers” – cryptocurrencies that want to pass Ethereum – can disrupt asset speech in the short to medium term. ..

READ MORE: Ethereum founder talks about ‘crypto winter’, but reckons now drops healthy. Check it out on our Instagram and take the time to follow us

Ethereum is the foundation of the new website – and one of the biggest leaders in Brazil has challenged it for this reason

With BRL 56 billion in management and considered one of the largest financial regulators in Brazil, Kinea, linked to Itaú, shows that today ethereum (ETH) outperforms bitcoin in terms of value investment and innovation.

ETH is the first process to develop digital certificates, NFTs. And because it is the oldest of the second generation of cryptocurrencies, which was created with the intention of becoming platforms for the creation of jobs, ethereum has already undergone many stressful tests and updates, which puts it ahead of other digital currencies, such as Solana (SOL) and Polkadot (DOT), according to Rodrigo Zobaran, crypto currency analyst at Kinea.

“Ethereum has been tested more often than other ventures. And it does not look like ethereum is going to be offline, as it happens with Solana, which is offline for 24 hours,” he said.

In addition, it is believed that today Ethereum is the basis of the next generation of Internet, Web 3.0, in which no user will have their data hand in hand on companies such as Facebook. , Microsoft and Google.

The technology of this cryptocurrency, for example, has worked to create Helium (HNT), a network in which devices from all over the world connect wirelessly to the Internet and send data. , does not require expensive cellular plans or even geolocate without energy requirements. -intensive satellite tracking hardware.

Thanks to Ethereum, its developers have created a project that has already spread to the United States, Europe, part of Asia and gradually to Central and Latin America, especially Brazil.

For example, start-up Illios received US $ 800,000 (R $ 4 million, at current value) from Fuse Capital, in January of this year, to expand access to the Helium network in Brazil.

A little more I explain the importance of this to your heritage and the world, but, first, an invitation: after the crypto Axie Infinity (AXS) increased by more than 10,000 %, the analyst told our YouTube board “Papo Cripto” that the presence of NFT cryptocurrencies has not yet been seen and has the potential to perform well.

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But back to learning… What is the impact of Web 3.0 on your money and the world?

To understand the significance of this, simply consider the strengths of large technology companies, the development of their monopolies and how they violate human rights. from them to the rapid transition of the Internet, from Web 2.0 (which we have today.) to Web 3.0.

The world like today is created from the perspective of religion. You rely on your bank resources, provide Facebook and Google personal information anonymously, and send other sensitive information to schools on a daily basis. But with the cryptos of the Web 3.0 segment, the difference is for the sake of change.

“Now, for the first time in history, people can create open conversations and new tools without having to believe. In an ecosystem you do not have to ask for permission or trust for anyone with your information, you would eliminate the risk of a broken trust. [com vazamento de dados, por exemplo]”, says André Franco, head of research at the Bitcoin Market.

READ MORE: Ethereum founder talks about ‘crypto winter’, but reckons now drops healthy. Check it out on our Instagram and take the time to follow us

“This is still a flexible, yet profitable and successful venture, which makes it possible to reduce risk and create better returns,” he added.

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