Beautiful Lucas Pires and wonderful Bauermann; see notes by Santos

In Vila Belmiro, Santos beat Coritiba, 3-0, on Thursday night (12) and defended themselves in the round of 16 of the 2022 Copa do Brasil. The goals of the match were scored by Marcos Leonardo, Madson and Rodrigo Fernandez. In aggregate scores, Peixe got a better score of 3 to 1.

At Live do Santos, announced by UOL Esporte After Peixe played, journalists Gabriela Brino and Maurício Barros examined the personal performances of the players led by Gabriel Ochandorena, Fabián Bustos’ assistant, via Vila Belmiro. (See text below)

john paul

Mauricio Barros: Unemployed – 7

Gabriela Brino: Small games today. Is there a need when – 7

madson ua

Mauricio Barros: Very safe. He accomplished his tactical role very well. He scored a beautiful goal, returning to the astonishment of the attack – 7.5

Gabriela Brino: It was very safe, the only thing that bothered me was the fact that I stayed more in the fight. Finally played many back balls. He was successful in his mission – 7.5


Mauricio Barros: He has returned from his football career and has shown himself to be more confident – 8

Gabriela Brino: It went really well. He stole the ball well and came out playing well – 7

Eduardo Bauermann

Mauricio Barros: Flawless. He has tough duels and won them all. Excellent performance – 8.5

Gabriela Brino: She is brilliant, she is safe and peaceful. He goes back to where he was at the beginning of the season. He excels in many challenging games. It’s the best in the field – 9

Lucas Pires

Mauricio Barros: He was the guy who set up the team with the best touch. Service and Credits – 8.5

Gabriela Brino: He was not just an outsider. It is versatile and very versatile. It does everything and it is impressive – 8.5

Rodrigo Fernandez

Mauricio Barros: He has been shown to have a negative attitude and is very important to defenders today. He held the head of the area and achieved a good goal – 8.5

Gabriela Brino: He played the game falsely. He played really well, scored and managed to improve – 8.5

Vinícius Zanocelo: Do ​​you want more followers?

Mauricio Barros: He is a midfielder and not a defensive midfielder. It has the advantage of score, too, cadence. It is very cheap and versatile – 8

Gabriela Brino: Make the game happen. He has a good past and a good vision of the game. zoo match – 8

Ricardo Goulart

Mauricio Barros: He feeds himself and informs himself of the times he is facing. His involvement is crucial for Santos to become a leader in the middle ground. It started well with a combination of insights – 7

Gabriela Brino: It was a good game for him. It is very current, probably due to the tactics adopted for the game. He has been involved in many shows. He does his best – 7

Jhojan Julio

Mauricio Barros: He has the confidence of a coach and is very important in the competition. Didn’t cross, but stole the ball well and gave up quickly for Santos’ attack – 7.5

Gabriela Brino: He played well and redeemed himself with the fans for the poor performance he had before – 7.5

Leo Baptistão

Mauricio Barros: Technically, it has no similar advantage against Cuiabá. He participates in the third mission. He is confident and looks like he is in competition with his opponent – 7

Gabriela Brino: It comes in the absurd crescent. He always watched the ball and participated in many things in the tournament. Do not miss out – 7.5

Marcos Leonardo

Mauricio Barros: Born To Be A Goal. Like a magnet on the foot – 8

Gabriela Brino: It was a wonderful time. I had the game unclear, but he died when the ball arrived – 8

Fabián Bustos / Gabriel Ochandorena

Mauricio Barros: Just a team. The team has been patient in this challenging and easy game – 8

Gabriela Brino: You saw your starting lineup. It does everything right for this challenge, from the lines to the strategy used. It is restarting Santos’ DNA attack – 8.5

The next edition of the Live do Santos will be on Sunday (15), after the match against Goiás, for the Brazilian Championship. You can follow on Channel UOLin the Score app UOLon the Santos page at UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on YouTube.

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