Atltico x Atltico-GO: Probably the competitive line for the Serie A game

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Photo: Montage with photos by Pedro Souza / Atltico and Divulgao / Atltico-GO

Watch the resulting Atltico and Atltico-GO teams for the Brazilian Championship

Looking to bounce back in Serie A of the Brazilian Championship, Atltico host Atltico-GO, at 7pm Saturday (14), at Independencia Stadium, in Belo Horizonte. See, below, the resulting lineups for the game for the 6th round. The Rooster counts the return of the Hulk star to the tournament.

Both groups had to provide Brazilian answers. While Atltico, the current winner, have not won in four games, Atltico-GO has yet to win the tournament. Drago is the winner, only three points (three draws and two slides).

The group led by Umberto Louzer, however, had a “revival” in the middle of the week. This Wednesday (11), Atltico-GO advanced to the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil by eliminating Cuiab from penalties.

Galo, who by draw with RB Bragantino (1 to 1), is in 6th place in the table, with nine points (two wins, three draws and one defeat). Part of the team inquired about the production of the El Turco team and asked the coach to leave.


Coach El Turco Mohamed praised Atltico’s performance in the draw with Massa Bruta, especially given the team performance in the second half. Given this, the Argentine coach can repeat almost all of the system of the final.

The only change must be backed by Gunner Hulk. He was suspended against RB Bragantino and could not play. Eduardo Sasha has been elected to the vacancy.

Thus, the consequences for Atltico include: Everson; Guga, Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso and Guilherme Arana; Allan, Jair, Zaracho and Nacho Fernndez; Keno and Hulk.

Image of the Mantle of Massa III, from the Atlantic


Coach Umberto Louzer has confirmed his absence from Atltico. He is midfielder Jorginho, suspended for receiving his third yellow card. Decks must be your replacement.

The consequences of Drago are: Ronaldo; Hayner, Ramon Menezes, Wanderson and Jefferson; Marlon Freitas, Baralhas and Shaylon; Lo Pereira, Luiz Fernando and Wellington Rato.

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