Atlético-MG vs Atlético-GO: watch anywhere, embezzlement, lineups and refereeing | Brazilian series a

This Saturday, Atlético-MG host Atlético-GO, of Independência, at 19:00 (Brasília time), for the sixth time Brazilian Championship. Both teams by losing in the tournament and will give everything to get more points. The Galo, fond of performance and home furnishings, will return from the hit Hulk.

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Atlético-MG from 1-1 draw with Bragantino in the early game of the 7th round, in the middle of the week. In sixth place in the table, with 9 points, Galo is in a series of four games without a win in the tournament. There were three games and one defeat, one that the club has not suffered since 2020.

  • Remember? Galo’s thrashing over the title kicked off the title track
  • Atlético is well on its way to a successful 1937 registration

After qualifying for the 16th round of the Copa do Brasil to remove Cuiabá from penalties, Atlético-GO turned his attention to Serie A and sought his first win in the competition. The dragon is the last of only three points in five races and hopes to feel the pain in Brasileirão.

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Atlético-MG – Coach: Antônio Mohamed

The big news of the Galo is back from the Hulk, which received an automatic suspension against Bragantino. The athlete should design the duo to face Keno, with Ademir being the bench option. The victims were due to side Dodô (knee injury) and Mariano (thigh o) and forward Eduardo Vargas (fracture). Diego Godín, who has been out of the last few tournaments due to physical therapy, needs to re-register.

Similar lineup: Everson; Guga, Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso and Guilherme Arana; Allan, Jair and Nacho; Zaracho, Keno and Hulk.

Who left: Mariano (edema), Vargas (thigh) and Dodô (knee)

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How Atlético-MG fights Atlético-GO – Image: ge

Atlético-GO – Coach: Umberto Louzer

With Jorginho suspended, Wellington Rato should be brought back into midfield role. With that in mind, Churín felt the space was open for protests. On the left, there is the skepticism of Luiz Fernando and Léo Pereira.

Similar lineup: Ronaldo; Hayner, Edson, Ramon Menezes and Jefferson; Baralhas, Marlon Freitas and Wellington Rato; Shaylon, Churin and Luiz Fernando (Leo Pereira)

Who left: Jorginho (suspended) and Dudu (left ankle injured)

dai: Decks and Leo Pereira

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may be home to Atlético-GO anti-Galo group – Image: ge

  • Referee: Anderson Daronco (UA)
  • Assistant 1: Rafael da Silva Alves (UA)
  • Assistant 2: Michael Stanislau (RS)
  • Fourth referee: Michel Patrick Costa Guimaraes (MG)
  • VAR: Daniel Neeb Bins (RS)

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