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Speech is a key element in the leadership of Atlético-MG. The 2021 financial report was presented to the board and fans. Despite having enough money, Galo lives with millions of dollars in debt. A significant (38%) is hard, with interest rates / fees / penalties, and the solutions seen are 49.9% sold at Diamond Mall, a store near the club headquarters .

All this, however, depends on the interest of the Deliberative Committee, as revealed in the process of selling 50.1% of Diamonds in 2017, for the construction of MRV Arena. The new Council meeting, with a special theme, has not yet been scheduled.

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Atlético reduced its debt (total, “all” debt, less than the club had cash) to R $ 1.18 billion at the end of April. But, in terms of the debt profile in the balance sheet, 38% of the “onerous debt” is cut at the top of the total debt, which goes up. BRL 1.470 billion in Dec / 2021. As a result, Rooster’s “non-perishable debt”, in its entirety, is around R $ 558 million..

Diamond Mall, in turn, valued at R $ 728 million at the end of last year, a “fair value using the Capitalization Method, according to an appraisal statement report prepared by the company COLLIERS INTERNACIONAL DO BRASIL “. There is an increase of R $ 8 million in value of Diamond in 2022.

Rooster holds only half. 49.9% of the club represents BRL 363 million. It can not withstand all the heavy costs. However, there is room for re-negotiation of these issues, for example discounting and re-negotiation.

Meeting of the headquarters of Atlético-MG – Photo: Bruno Sousa / Atlético

– What is the fastest solution? Alienate the Diamond Mall. We think that between the sale price, the re-negotiation with the lender, the interest that will not be paid anymore, it is a very expensive price. If we do not count on interest, we are talking about something close to R $ 400 million – comments Rafael Menin, VP of the Board and a member of the collegiate association.

The club’s main concern, however, is to avoid bleeding. After all, these expenses generated BRL 87 million in spending in 2021 alone. In other words, Galo has to pay an average of R $ 7.2 million in interest / fees per month. A value that, according to Menin, can be invested in football.

– What we joke about here is the sale of Diamond Mall will allow Atlético to have three, four, five players, carat on the Hulk. Today we pay the bank what we can pay more to our group – he said.

“The club closed last year from almost zero to zero. If it had an additional R $ 87 million in sports investment, this would translate to the standard sportsmen. highest “(Rafael Menin)

If Atlético dissipates short-term debt, which leads to higher costs, then it will live with more problems. Additional expenses apply to loans from sponsors and investments in athletes (not difficult), Profut / Tax installments, and income (according to Ricardo Guimarães / Família and BH Supermercados).

“Let’s go to Brasileirão! The biggest announcement of the game for the price that gives the game. Sign Premiere!”

In the case of the deal with Ricardo Guimarães, Atlético explained that he had withdrawn R $ 65 million from the club’s debt, because this amount owed to the former president would be paid. on site for support. See details here. Another R $ 12 million was deducted from expenses in a similar agreement with Supermercados BH.

Finally, Galo withdrew from PROFUT payments on non-security charges. It has moved to PERSE (Emergency Services for Recovery System), and has been reduced by R $ 51 million. The balance, at R $ 115 million, was paid in 145 installments.

When it negotiated 50.1% of the Diamond Mall with the company Multiplan (which controls the market), Galo received R $ 250 million, which turned out to be R $ 296 million during the operation. 100% of the proceeds went to the construction of the MRV Arena. Now, the promise is that all the money will be used to pay off debt.

– It is not to pay the price for our sponsor, 4 R’s. This money will be used to pay off bad debts, banks, retail outlets, businesses. This money will be hit for that – especially for the club’s president, Sergio Coelho.

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Atlético figures profile:

total expenses Atlético total reached BRL 1.47 billion in December 2021. Debts were BRL 1.3 billion, which was reduced to reach 1.1 billion in April 2022.

  • 38% insufficient – BRL 558 million
  • 36% non-onerous – BRL 529 million
  • 21% tax return – BRL 308 million
  • 5% estimated revenue – 73.5 million

Atlético debt profile: 38% is short-term debt – Image: Repeat

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