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Atlético-MG’s new financial announcement brings the club to x-ray in 2021, off the field. Galo made significant payments, having club records in revenue (R $ 757 million), but still had to manage these expenses. The club’s total loan and financing is R $ 579 million.

Almost BRL 100 million in increase in 2020 total loans (BRL 478 million). Some financial companies appeared in 2021, and not in the 2020 balance sheet according to the lenders of Galo: Banco Pactual, Banco XP, Banco ABC, Banco Indusval.

Of the BRL 579 million in loans at the end of 2021, the good is “not now”, that is, with the medium / long term: BRL 389.4 million.

Galo Business Day, Atlético-MG financial event – Photo: Bruno Sousa / Atlético-MG

This situation of debt with banks is what made the club hastily discuss the sale of Diamond Mall. Galo owns 49.9% of the market, currently valued at R $ 363 million. The money, which, if the sale is approved by the Board, would be used to pay off insufficient funds, which today represent 38% of the club’s total debt at the end of 2021: R $ 1.47 billion.

The value of insufficient funds in 2021 is BRL 87 million.

– This is the most important part of our club structure. We can not continue, year after year, to bring this value into our presentation – essentially Paulo Braz, CFO, about the interest of Galo’s insufficient debt.

In April 2022, Atlético joined PERSE, a special tax for regional events. R $ 115 million was paid in 145 installments, with a discount of R $ 51 million. In addition, Galo led by “cash high” R $ 77 million in agreement with Ricardo Guimarães and BH Supermercados.

Atlético loans and finances in the balance sheet of 2021 – Image: Print

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Atlético has been with two major legal contracts for some time. He ended the conversation with the WRV Empreendimentos and with Ronaldinho Gaúcho. The ace, by Planet Invest, has provided free of charge image rights. At the beginning of 2022, Galo still had BRL 3.6 million to pay for the old 10 shirt number, with BRL 1.5 million paid last year.

With WRV, the incident back in 2000, R $ 11.6 million was still missing from the deal being made, but at the end of 2011, the club had R $ 12 million already paid for the former partner. In all, Atlético paid R $ 13.5 million for the WRV and R10 last season.

In the 2021 balance sheet, Atlético pointed to the growth of debt with “other suppliers” – from R $ 9.3 million to R $ 32.7 million.

Planet Invest (R10) and WRV on Galo’s 2021 Balance Sheet – Image: Repeat

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