Atlético-MG performance: Allan has an unhappy day, and Everson does what he can; Nacho is high point | kis-mg

Nacho: Atlético-MG high point of volatility Saturday afternoon / night. Once again involved in the game, taking advantage of the freedom of movement by Turco Mohamed. He scored the equivalent goal, on the return of the Hulk shot, after VAR validation. Note: 7

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Everson: In the first half well under Galo, it was a big responsibility for the team not to go from bad to worse to the final. The player could not hold off Iago Maidana’s penalty (almost coming), but he avoided Juninho’s goal before the first minute and still miraculously headed in Henrique Almeida’s head. In the second half, he had no chance of the only ball going to the goal. Note: 7

Atlético-MG vs América-MG; Allan – Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético

Alan: The midfielder was generally responsible for the América goal penalty, as he tried to dribble in the back line, suspension and foul on top of Juninho. It also results in frustration in some dealing with and without the ball, making mistakes where it is always routine. In hindsight, he has done well at some point, but nothing has ruled out the nickname of the best performer of his year. Note: 5

Hulk: others appear very nervous, especially in the first half. Out of curiosity, he received a third yellow card in the competition and was postponed by the next contract, against Bragantino, in the middle of the week. His performance has grown a lot in the second tier, being directly responsible for Nacho’s goals and almost turning the score around after a good one. Note: 6.5

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Ademir: is a good choice in combat, especially in deep balls, check out what it has the best: speed. However, it should start to get stronger in the mail. It was his best chance for Galo in the first stage, and in the same transition, he was in the offside position. Note: 6

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Everson: 7
Rev: 6
Alonso: 6.5
Rubens: 6.5
(Caleb 🙂
Alan: 5
sheep: 5.5
(Fabio Gomes:)
Note: 7
Size: 5.5
(Item: 6)
Ademir: 6
(Instructions: 6)
Weight: 6.5

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