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What is the club with the most members in Brazil? After two years of separation of relations due to Covid-19, the members of the Brazilian group changed a lot. The overall picture of the organization is generally in decline, but some management to ensure the trust of the fans.

LUB ua ge Consult the associations of Série A do Brasileiro and prepare a ranking with all members of each (check below).

Now the winner of the Brazilian Championship and the Copa do Brasil, and with the race to keep the riders jealous, Atlético-MG has the best chance of the region. Galo is the club with the most members in the country: they are 127,558 fans linked to the plans of the Galo Na Veia program.

Only one Brazilian club is more than a block of six numbers. Corinthians has 116 thousand membersaccording to his news agency.

A subscription number from Flamengo enjoys listening. Since 2019, Rubro-Negro has lost more than half of its members: going from 145 thousand to 69,175 until this Monday.

Internacional also occurs in cases of decline in interference to the pre-epidemic period – even milder than Flamengo. Colorado leaves the home of 100 thousand members, but remains on the podium of ranking.

Carousel – the number of members of Serie A – Picture: Arte / ge

Coritiba appears to be against the move. Alviverde registered the largest expansion in the country, with growth of 363% compared to last year.

The Alto da Glória group had “only” 11,000 members at the beginning of 2021. A year later, it was knocking at 40 thousand, in ninth place in the rankings and very close to surpassing São Paulo.. The expectation is to reach 45,000 by 2022.

– I think of the result as an international phenomenon. First, for a short time it will take this to happen. The second is that Coritiba did not win a major country at the time. It is not these events that bring fans together. We have a right to create rights for the partner – says President of Coritiba Juarez Moraes e Silva to ua ge.

With cheaper packages than competitors in Serie A, Ceará and Fortaleza have risen since 2019 and only appear after Atlético-MG, Corinthians, Internacional, Flamengo and Palmeiras on the list.

Bragantino was the only club in the first division that did not want to expose all the fans registered in its involvement.

Check out the Serie A rankings by members

Check the number of members of Serie A – Picture: Arte / ge

The number was released by Athletico in an announcement over a month ago. LUB ua ge Call Hurricane to inquire about new information, but did not receive a response until this report was issued.

** Atlético-GO is just launching a “passport” plan with approximately 1,000 sales. It’s one of those cards that allows you to play in the Champions League in the 2022 season (the Gold Cup provides access to all Serie A tournaments and the diamond plan allows access to all the home competition in different competitions (it started at the end of the Goiano Championship and continued in the Copa do Brasil, in South American and in Series A).

Giants do not sleep

Of the Serie B clubs, four Brazilian candidates have the following members:

  1. Guild: 60,600 members
  2. Vasco: 48,395 subscribers
  3. Cruise: 47,747 members
  4. Bahia: 30,000 members

Compared to Serie A, Grêmio, Vasco and Cruzeiro will be sixth, seventh and eighth in the rankings, respectively. Bahia will be 14th, after Santos.

* Marcelo Braga, Marcelo Jordy, Fernando Vasconcelos, Olímpio Vasconcelos, Danilo Sardinha, Tamires Fukutani, Eduardo Moura, Marcio Luiz, Tébaro Schmidt and Luciano Mello.

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