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Vítor Pereira, coach of Corinthians, has heard the prelude to what the Brazilian soccer calendar looks like. Commanding Timão, the Portuguese coach encountered a part of the game that he had not had in his career: a race every four and a half days.

It has been 72 days since Vítor Pereira commissioned his first training at Corinth. Since then, there have been 16 games, from Paulistão, Brasileirão, Copa do Brasil and Libertadores. And, as the coach himself said, this affects the team.

– This regular game does not allow us to always play with quality. This is a calendar that does not defend good football, does not protect good players, because injuries will happen – he said in an interview.

Vítor Pereira in Corinthians vs Guarani – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

It affects not only the team, but also Vítor Pereira himself.

– I’m tired myself, I do not have a day off, out of the box – finished the trainer.

In his work, as shown in the text below, the coach only came close to a portion of the game like he did with the Corinthians in Greece. When he was coach of Olympiacos, Vítor had matches every 5.6 days.

The numbers are close to what he now faces at Timão due to the short time he has worked and the arrangement of key duels and tours. In Europe, Vítor Pereira won the Greek Cup, adding more games in time.

The center of attention played by Vítor Pereira in his career

Games Working days Medium
Port 92 707 ib 1 ua 7,68d
Al Ahli 33 307 9.3 ib
Olympiacos 27 153 5.6
Fenerbahce 61 432 ib 7.08 It
1860 Munich 20 150 7.5
Shanghai SIPG 117 1115 9.52 ib
Fenerbahce 25 171 6.84 ib
Kauleethaus 16 72 4.5

In Portugal, at Porto, and in China, at the Shanghai SIPG, the coach has worked the longest. There were 117 matches for the Chinese team, with an average of one game every 9.52 days, and 92 matches for the Portuguese team, with an average of 7.68 days off.

And it was due to the regularity of the game that Vítor Pereira was traded in the Corinthians starting lineup. This Wednesday, against Portuguesa-RJ, at 21:30 (GMT), for the third stage of the Copa do Brasil, there must be a change in the group.

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Preparation is also done with a system in mind. Timão meets Internacional, in Porto Alegre, this Saturday, and then Boca Juniors, to the Libertadores, in Argentina, next Tuesday.

– Let us be a team to try to win. Then against Inter, with teams that can compete, play better or worse, but with the spirit. Fans want Inter, in Argentina, to win the Copa do Brasil game. Let us try to live and think game by game – says Vítor after Corinthians’s final game.

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