Associations acknowledge disagreement at League meeting of CBF and hold equal meeting – 05/09/2022

Twenty-three organizations have announced that they will not be attending the meeting of new leagues in Brazil scheduled for May 12 at CBF. They explained that they did not agree with the offer made by Libra and that they would meet in Rio de Janeiro on the 16th to discuss changes in the country’s league.

This document acknowledges the differences from the blog before today (9) and is signed by América-MG, Chapecoense, Atlético-GO, Avaí, Brusque, Ceará, CSA, Athletico, CRB, Náutico, Coritiba, Criciúma, Cuiabá, Juventude, Fluminense, Fortaleza, Goiás, Londrina, Operário, Sampaio Corrêa, Sports, Tombense and Vila Nova.

Athletico, the great contender of Libra, even released an art form with the names of other organizations such as Grêmio, Inter, Vasco, Botafogo, Bahia, Guarani and Atlético-MG in motion, but but a few minutes later take it out of the air and fix it. data are not available in this group. These groups have not yet done their job.

The letter describes the differences that these organizations have with the approval of the Clube dos 6 (developed by Palmeiras, Corinthians, São Paulo, Santos, Red Bull Bragantino and Flamengo), which won support of Cruzeiro and Ponte Preta. Today, Vasco has also signed into the group. They took over the leadership of the organization last Tuesday and are currently working on further entry and improvement of the law.

It is at this final meeting that is pre-arranged that the next meeting will be on the 12th, which will never happen again.

The organizations’ huge differences are in the financial sector, especially in the distribution of income, but there are also differences in the area of ​​political affiliation. weight of the ballot and other issues described by the lines in this column.

Read the full letter:

In view of the new developments, the signatories reaffirm their commitment to the development of professional football, with the aim of promoting the excellence of Brazilian football, creating to have a strong competitive edge, to support the race and, in particular, to have a pattern of equality in circumstances. of conflicts.

It is worth noting, however, that there would be no league without the unification of the 40 (forty) unions currently participating in Series A and B.

Some considerations need to be considered, as follows: (i) Premier League equal share 68% of revenue, plus all national, international and economic rights ; (ii) German, Spanish, French and Italian leagues share 50% of equal income; and (iii) the differences in revenue from the first and last agencies respecting the following restrictions: England (1.6x), Italy (2.1x), Germany (3.2x) and Spain ( 3.5x).

For the formalization of the League of Brazilian Football Clubs, the signatories believe in the following guidelines:

(i) 50% share of revenue, 25% of employment and 25% of business, with non-measurable goals and objectives;

(ii) the difference in earnings from the largest clubs and the least focused on the 1.6 cap over time (Premier League benchmark), with a cap of 3.5 from the first year;

(iii) Commitment to Series B to receive 20% of revenue from the sale of advertising rights.

The signatories will do everything possible to bring together the 40 (forty) organizations and formation of the League, always on consultation and as appropriate, also sign the pledge that, If there is no good work, they will jointly monitor the discussion of the advertising law and other material available in football and its activities for the year after 2024.

The Service also warned that on May 16, 2022 they would meet with the person in Rio de Janeiro to fulfill their commitment in the search for equity, and as a result, they would not be attending the meeting. Previous talk of CBF, on May 12, 2022.

Meetings with 8 (eight) organizations, at the discretion of the Registrar, will be held in the future so that the agreements outlined in this paper can be disseminated and shared. engine, in order to make an agreement.

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