Arena Planeta Boi will be donating in the NFT as a digital gift at the event

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LUB Arena Planeta Boi: Do you want more followers? will have gifts inside NFT (English acronym for non-fungible token) as digital souvenir of events. The action has not been previously supported by Amazon Best The goal to immortalize the moment is lived by fans of bumbás in Arena da Amazônia, Center-South Zone of manaus.

‘One Night in Parintins’ will feature a collection of five NFTs for those who purchase tickets through tog. The first NFT will be given away immediately as a gift and others can be purchased by festival lovers.

“Our goal is to give people the understanding that in the ‘crypto’ world one can have real memory. The form is missing. So, we want to make digital data, a symbol. digital, in the form of NFT, which is a blockchain, a special data of some subject, that data becomes something special, no corruption “, explains the company Company CEO, Bruno Schmidt.

Arena da Amazônia will host the ‘Arena Planeta Boi’ event. Photo: Janailton Falcão / Amazonastur

On the platform, having already entered the NFT, the player will enter the token where, according to Schmidt, he will be able to participate in elections, win prizes and get closer to his stuff supported, that is, this. , is the Parintins Festival.

“He has very different emotions. We are preparing a high volume NFT, with the best ever seen and congratulations to the participants at the event ”, confirmed the CEO.

activity never seen before

In the world, the Super Bowl, the most important American football organization in the United States, already uses NFT. However, in Brazil, this will be the first time that crypto assets will be used.

For the creation of the ‘Uma noite em Parintins’ collection, Amazon Best is seeking a partnership with the company Lifeverso, which already has a collaborative platform – Life – for the interaction of memorial writers.

NFT. Photo: Share

What are NFTs?

NFT is the term for non-fungible token (non-fungible token, in Portuguese translation). To understand what all this technology is, it is important first to know what the terms ‘token’ and ‘fungible’ mean.

A token, in the cryptocurrency universe, is the digital representation of an asset – such as money, property or a work of art – registered in a blockchain, a a technology that was born with BTC in late 2008. For example, if a person has. the token of an item, means that you have rights to that item or part of it.

The fungible materials, according to the Brazilian Civil Code, are ‘exchangeable by others of the same, good and valuable’, such as the R $ 100 bill which can be exchanged by two cost R $ 50, e.g.

In practice, a non-fungible token is defined as a digital certificate that a person can see and acknowledge, but no one can change.

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