Are we really moving to Web 3.0?

Is Metaverse new?  She is very happy?  Is it the future?  Do I need to be prepared?  Shall we flee from that?

Is Metaverse new? She is very happy? Is it the future? Do I need to be prepared? Shall we flee from that?

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It is very difficult to tell the story of technology. We are always forced to deal with bugs, inconsistencies and poor data.

In general, the tools seem non-linear, ambiguous and confusing. They occur simultaneously in multiple places, with no connection between them. Manufacturers look for one thing, crash into another, and do not have to understand the consequences of an event.

That is why one of the most interesting areas of anthropology is the study of historical myths. They help to define the meaning of the relationship between politics and politics on the principle: “tools are designed for, are dangerous because of, despair or exceed the expectations of”, etc. yam.

And where do I want to go? In historical myths that are trying to assimilate the so-called metaverse.

The Metaverse is increasingly in vogue. Although Facebook has changed its name to Meta, says the company now focuses on: giving us access to Metaverse – especially for younger users. Microsoft recently announced that it is on the tail, run with them half-avatars.

In most of the areas that cover technology, you will oversee the construction of a new story. Some companies try to trick us into moving to Web 3.0, based on 3D virtual reality, cryptocurrencies and technologies such as Blockchain.

But the legend here is confused with economics. The Metaverse is a unique development from the past technology to the popularity of the Internet. Especially since it is funded by capital investment.

Note the differences with the (not yet) creation stories of the Classical Internet. It will be based on the desire to teach education, behave libertarian and commercially naive.

send the Web 3.0 born with a business model. In fact, we are not sure what to do in a virtual environment, but we have already started with the promotion to make money. Thus, it is seen that successful logics of tourism, entertainment culture, virtual sales and curation will be used.

Although the creator of avatar and metaverse concepts, research historian Neal Stephenson, who worked on Blue Origin before Jeff Bezos’ company focused on space travel. That is: the Big Tech is the foundation for a new phase of the Website. Sky that he wants to define his new level.

It is necessary to pay attention to the new Metaverse historical story before accepting some descriptions as facts. Is Metaverse new? She is very happy? Is it the future? Do I need to be prepared? Shall we flee from that?

I do not know. It will be necessary to continue to believe speech promotion, that all that is (supposedly) new is better?

If you have read the zero of time metaverse, book snow fell, you realize that spending time in the virtual world is far from easy. Let us put it simple.

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