Are the criticisms of coach Paulo Sousa justified?

Despite winning 2-0 and qualifying for the 16th round of the Copa do Brasil, Flamengo fans did not forgive coach Paulo Sousa, who was criticized for the team’s poor performance – which was a blow to the team. Difficult to beat Altos- PI and advance in knockout tournaments.

It is not the first time, by the way, the Portuguese coach has been the target of dissatisfaction from fans. We call, therefore, the columnists of the UOL Esporte to answer the following questions: Was it the criticism of Paulo Sousa after five months of honest work? See Answer:

Unfortunately, five months in Brazilian football is forever. Whoever does not prove his worth, does not win the title, does not survive. Paulo Sousa lost that moment in Campeonato Carioca and Supercopa. As the team is not yet prepared and its tactical options do not unite, the pressure is only increasing. I can only see it being encouraged if Flamengo starts to win in confidence and again. It seems difficult with the current fragility of their immune system.

Yes, because the job is more problematic than the performance and now it shows the loss of self that plunged the coach into the big grave in Brazilian football: he quit most of his decision by holding his position.

Five months in Brazilian football coaching is almost right. Therefore, the group needs to teach more than it’s taught. Flamengo is also inconsistent and unattractive, with a group that can see more. This does not mean that the job should end. He should be fine and be able to present a better team there. Now, the patience with him has been greater than he has been with Domenec and Renato, yes.

One and all criticism is valid, especially when it comes to model, budget and good cast after. Flamengo can, yes, at a higher level today, but far from the end of the world, even more so with only five months of work. The big issue at the top of the rating (?) Of the regular Paulo Sousa is the club’s passion and constant watch for Jorge Jesus. Of the crowd? Sky. For some newsletter? Exaggeration and often no respect with some language used.

At the beginning I always told him to be patient with me to show the work. I think the evolutions till now have been small. But the point is that since Jorge Jesus, the team has never done the same and it has already proved that the players should be blamed for this, in addition to the board.

They have no exceptions because JJ works too hard. And JJ is the theme. Five months is a short time to measure the performance of a trainer.

Paulo Sousa has been called up for a role that includes changing the way the game is played, creating an imbalance for the workings of teams with players who fit in with the non-interference. Until then, something difficult and time consuming. He started coaching the team four months ago, the team has been playing just under him for just three months (debuted on February 2, 3-0 at Boavista), facing internal opposition from players who turn their noses at the change and now coexists. with the sick attitude of fans and media who believe Jorge Jesus even when he “did” Rui Vitória (how embarrassing). have wanted to return (especially when he has time, before the end of Christmas) to the club. Now, unemployed as in 2019, he came to Rio de Janeiro with his generator, turned off everything and left for Lisbon saying he would not work in Brazil, in Turkey , maybe. I do not know if JJ will succeed in the event, because I do not know if Paulo Sousa can do what he said. But it is clear that he was more prepared than most Brazilian coaches, especially compared to his boss, a regular trainer from the 1990s, who was asked by the same people. which is now hostile to the Portuguese. They fried Rogério Ceni, four seasons at Flamengo, from the most important to the least of the cup, and they repeat the current process in an uncontrollable rage of people who restrict themselves to request changing faculty. They learned nothing from wasting points in Brasileirão (one of two games against Grêmio, 4-0 home defeat to Inter, draw with Chapecoense set to have one more man, draw with América Mineiro suffered in the final, 0 to 0 against Cuiabá in Rio …), in the embarrassing elimination of the Copa do Brasil in the middle of Maracanã (Athletico 3×0 with Alberto Valentim as coach) show), or in the defeat of the latter in Libertadores, when we see more. Expensive group in club history. It was Flamimimi, who boycotts Flamengo.

Five months of work is a long time. Very. It makes Flamengo play really well. Is the comparison with Jesus the way? Yes, in a large team it is like that. But Paulo Sousa is worse than Domenec, Rogério Ceni and Renato Gaúcho.

I think the criticism that comes from his work giving situations when they present themselves is justified. The blasphemy against Jesus is not good for me. Flamengo looks like it is, with all the spiritual storms that hit Gávea, because Jesus did not want to live. It will be important to try to see Sousa’s work without falling into the trap of comparing him to what JJ does, good and bad. It was as if I would not have that moment and Sousa would leave without us knowing what she really did.

Yes, they are honest. Your job is weak, even worse than Domènec Torrent’s. Flamengo was delaying something obvious, he left. He just does not do it now so he will not “give a receipt” to the proud and arrogant Jorge Jesus. And the name that can try to save the season of Rubro-Negro is Cuca.

Paulo Sousa deserves criticism because it is time for Flamengo to showcase better football. But it is worth remembering that criticism is not a request to the coach. The Portuguese can make a lot of changes to the team.

Yes, it has done 25 games and the team has yet to reveal a single change or performance of the game. According to his orders, Fla fell at the end of Carioca, Supercopa became Brasil, started skating in Brasileirão and went over the weak Altos-PI in Copa do Brasil with poor athletics.

Yes. The group has standards, but can not modify in their execution. This, in part, is due to some of its options.

There have been honest and misleading comments about Paulo Sousa’s work. It was hired to renovate and refurbish Flamengo and undergo major changes in the system. This needed to be fixed and the coach himself changed and revised the strategy – he just started struggling with a 4-3-3. It is fair to blame him for some of the options – Hugo kept in goal-scoring or Diego’s attack – and some issues in the defense over and over again. But there have been successes in games like São Paulo, Palmeiras and Botafogo where the team has changed in terms of pressure, in competition. And the criticism that tries to put so many problems in red-and-black football on their own is dangerous. There have already been other firefighters in Flamengo for having no connection with the truth of the fans and part of the news about what the group was up to.

Yes, sparingly. In five months, Paulo Sousa lost Carioca to Fluminense with a superb performance, losing the Supercopa as Brasil washed his hands during the selection process and the team was eliminated after five games against the Brazilian. The rotation of the players and the delay to understand that Everton Ribeiro is not left back is a mistake that goes 100% for the coach. However, he is still a victim of the inability of the clinic, backed by a board that loves to cool down, but that runs out of responsibility and the microphones when the virus is holding.

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