Are nails designed to pose a health risk? Find out the truth about the difference here

Porto Seguro, May 11, 2022, by Daniela Mattos – See if screw May pose a risk to your health. Learn what care you need to take in influencing this beauty. Also, find out how to identify when the nail is sore or damaged.

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Although not true, gel or fiberglass, the fact is that they are at their peak and appeal to women. This is because they are much better than clothes. However, many have speculated about the health problems they can cause. That is why we will show you here on AgroNews, what to be careful with screw you must have.

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Learn what care we need to take when using fake nails

First, you need to make sure that your nails are healthy. According to Thais Manarini, by Saúde Abril, on August 7, 2019, you should make sure that there is no type of allergy, illness or disease, such as psoriasis, for example, before applying. Also, please make sure that you are not allergic to any part of the application process.

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The second concern should be with the chosen specialist, because the occurrence of poor service is dangerous. Therefore, the nails need to be cleaned and fixed. This is because, when there is a detachment, it favors the proliferation of fungi and diseases. So, if this happens to you, find your nail designer to remove it as soon as possible.

Are nails designed to pose a health risk? Find out the truth about the difference here. Source: Canva Pro

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What are the advantages of fake nails?

Although more expensive, it has greater durability and resistance. Unlike traditional nails, these can last up to 30 days without peeling the enamel. So, for housewives (who often make their nails look ugly), this type of application is the solution to have beautiful nails.

However, according to Terra website, on March 6, 2013, the use of sunscreen on the hands was recommended, due to the use of ultraviolet rays to dry the gel. By doing this, you reduce the side effects, such as premature aging in this part of the body, but do not eliminate them.

Now you know what to use screw, whatever it is, does not harm your health, as long as it is done by a professional and you have all the necessary care. Therefore, at the slightest sign of color or contrast of natural nails, fix this problem first, before putting them back on. Also, do not remove the prosthesis on your own, this can hurt the nail, go to the specialist who designed it.

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