Apple, Google and Microsoft will have password barriers by 2023

With the goal of “making the website secure and accessible to all”, juiceGoogle and Microsoft have agreed to extend automatic password support across all websites, applications and technologies that they can control, using technology for the next year. The announcement was made jointly by these tech companies on Thursday (5), where World Password Day is still remembered.

change the rules password authentication, new features will allow companies to provide end-to-end passwordless options. They will be available on iOS, macOS, Safari, Android, Google Chrome, Windows, and Microsoft Edge, across other platforms.

Users will be able to access the same command multiple times a day to activate their device, using a fingerprint sensor, face recognition or PIN. According to big techs, the new way is safer passwords and the SMS authenticationincrease protection against phishing.

The automatic login password should be valid by 2023.The automatic login password should be valid by 2023.Source: Google / Share

These password-free authentication standards have been developed by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and are already supported in management services by Apple, Google and Microsoft, among other companies. . However, you will need to access it separately, on each platform and device, in order to use the process.

Practical examples

In the announcement, Google explained how the app Login without a password, which in the coming months will be open to all platforms. As a major search, you can set up your cell phone as a real-time destination for websites, apps and other digital services.

When selected, the device will retain FIDO-certified data, accordingly public key cryptography, where you can open your account online. Using the default settings – biometrics, PIN or screen swipe – will be enough to access online services without having to enter a password.

The machine carries a few advantages, ending the practice of using the same password on all websites, making it difficult for cybercriminals to do so. Technology can also contribute restore account and no need to re-register when the phone crashes, because access keys have been saved in the cloud backup.

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