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Apple will rest well iPod, its famous audio and video player. The manufacturers announced on Tuesday (10) that the device will only be available until the products go on sale.

20 years ago, when the iPod was developed, it represented a major change in the way people listened to music, but it has not had any complaints since the popularity of smartphones and music streaming. According to Apple, the best way to listen to music now is through the iPhone, launched in 2007, which combines the experiences of its leaders.

The latest version of iPod, which will be discontinued, was released in 2019. It has a touch screen and supports the App Store and FaceTime and Messages apps. These services run over Wi-Fi connections.

The 7th generation of iPod touch has a 4-inch screen – in the first, there were 2. The iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple’s tallest device today, has a 6.7-inch screen.

What is the iPod model?

In 20 years, Apple devices have come in many models, some designed to store more music and others, to perform better. The tool has five main versions:

iPod has five lines: classic, nano, shuffle, mini and touch – Image: Christine Sandu / Unsplash

  • iPod classic: the best model has been available for 6 generations and even has 160 GB of storage in the latest version, released in 2007;
  • iPod mini: launched as an even more compact version, it has two generations, the last being introduced in 2005;
  • iPod nano: The device replaces the “mini” version, with seven generations and the latest version, launched in 2012, has a 2.5-inch screen and 16 GB of storage;
  • iPod shuffle: The line has four generations, only one without a screen and, as the name implies, plays in random mode;
  • iPod touch: The line was created in 2007 for the first time with a touch screen, eliminating the need for a circle button.

What were the first iPods like?

First generation iPods started out with a small screen and a circle button.which will become the name of the “classic” line from 2007.

The 2001 release has two storage options: 5GB and 10GB. To get an idea, the latest version of the player up to 256 GB.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 1TB version – equivalent to 200 times that of the original iPod model.

Initially, iPod users would need a Mac, Apple computer, to import music from iTunes, a music file manager developed by the company in January 2001.

iPod (2nd generation) kept the same as the old model – Image: Cartoons Plural / Unsplash

The option to import music from Windows only appeared in the second generation, through another feature called Musicmatch. Support was created in the third generation, 2003, when iTunes received a version for the system from Microsoft.

Also in 2003, users were given the option to include songs on their iPod by purchasing them from the iTunes Store, Apple’s online store for a total price of $ 0.99. The service was launched in Brazil only in 2011.

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If today’s model is to use streaming services to listen to as many songs as you want, at the moment, iTunes represents the best performance for users: through it, It became a single song, not a full CD artist.

In the fourth generation, by 2004, the iPod received a color screen and a new control button. At that time, the storage space reached 60 GB. In the next version, in 2007, the device started to support movies, increase the screen and up to 80 GB of storage.

The sixth generation is the one who got the term “classic”: the model has a lead finish and is available in 80 GB, 120 GB and 160 GB versions. It is the last in this category and, in later years, the iPod will only have “nano”, “shuffle” and “touch” versions.

The latest version of iPod touch was released in 2019 – Photo: Apple

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