ApeCoin joins Polygon on NFT coin recovery and promising

ApeCoin (APE) has announced its integration with Ethereum (ETH) sidechain Polygon (MATIC) after the recent Yuga Labs non-fungible token (NFT) minting issue leading to speculation about a new chain for APE .

One of the largest Web3 ecosystems in the world, @ 0xPolygon Now supports ApeCoin, making it available for over 19,000 dApps and games worldwide! https://t.co/vUoGTAfqkl

– ApeCoin (@apecoin) May 2, 2022

On Sunday, Yuga Labs, founder of the NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, opened NFT Otherdeeds av mint. The decline was supported by its community, with sales of approximately $ 300 million. Despite this, the decline has faced a number of problems, such as pushing ETH fuel prices to unprecedented levels, which means consumers are paying around 2-5 ETH for fuel. .

As a result, users who could not mint NFTs but still pay for ETH fuel were outraged and expressed their frustration on Twitter – some even tweeted that they had withdrawn their affected investments. with APE.

At Yuga Labs Prometheus refund your fuel, some users guess that the failure is a stunt business plan, for example reporting a problem and announcing a new chain for APE. However, a representative of ApeCoin’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) denied this.

ApeCoin DAO board member Yat Siu, be specific that this is not so. At Yuga Labs support DAO considers migration to a new chain, Siu noted that there has been no discussion of the DAO board or with other parties about the potential of the APE chain.

Despite the specifics, some are skeptical and still dissatisfied with the outcome of the event. Twitter user MetaMan said that the event administrator should only acknowledge that they have committed a crime and that it is a bad idea.

I can not understand how clear this is. It is like obfuscation.
Why Yuga can not acknowledge everyone in the area know – they got it wrong, smart contract has not been done well, KYC free-for-all is a bad idea, first The answer to Ethereum is absurd.

– MetaMan (@metamanog) March 3, 2022

The event also resulted in a fire at 55,817.39 ETH ($ 158 million), putting Otherdeed NFTs on top of 7-day ETH leaders and bringing the Ethereum network fire to a new all-time high of 70,000 ETH.

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