Ao L !, Téo José regrets Libertadores outside SBT: ‘No media like we did’

SBT, the channel that held our end of Libertadores, lost the right to advertise on Globo, this Thursday. The day after the bomb went off, the WHEN! Talk specifically to the narrator Téo José, hired in 2020 as soon as Silvio Santos’ media outlet bought the rights after Conmebol’s contract with Globo was breached.

This Friday, the narrator spoke to the reporter by telephone. Teo praised SBT’s performance in athletics and spoke about what he expects from next year’s tournament.

– We will do the same as we did with the Libertadores, who have now reached the end of the conflict of rights, values ​​and interests. I hope someone works with him the same way, because we have taken him to a very high level. The shelf is high. Expect them to be stored on a high shelf. And we will do the same with South American.

+ Understand how the announcements will be by 2023

Despite losing the rights to Globo, the communicator said he has too much to think about until the end of the season. Libertadores are entering the knockout stages and some Brazilian teams have already been confirmed.

In the meantime, Téo has been advocating for the development of the SBT in competition since 2020 and has said that the station has the best coverage of the last Libertadores of Brazilian open television. In 2021, in the duel of Palmeiras and Flamengo, the pre-tournament team, led by Benjamin BackGet on the air for an hour and a half before leaving.

– The exodus of Libertadores has not yet taken place. We had a beautiful race ahead of us. I think the other Brazilian end will come out. Both tests were administered on SBT. The best program of open TV was created by us: the end of Flamengo and Palmeiras. None of the broadcasters did what we did, being on the air long before, during and after and with the content – he said.

– So I want to do better than we did this year. And that other institutions manage the same level because the fans deserve what we do – he concludes.

+ Conmebol has millions of dollars in revenue; look at the price

By way of an official letter sent to the app WHEN!The SBT also mentioned the end of the Libertadores declaration.

– We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to bring your transmission to the end of the year, with high dedication, having considered this policy at a small time for Conmebol, in the fact that we work continuously to his satisfaction, which really allows the improvement of the race for the next cycle – it has changed.

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The SBT crossed the Libertadores at a short time for Conmebol, when Globo decided to terminate the contract following the spread of the Covid-19 spread. SBT has announced the policy to hold the tournament until the end of the current cycle, when it tries to repeat it elsewhere, without success.

After a long fight in court, the Globo solved his remaining problems with Conmebol and whether or not to accept a statement that has never been made before will be considered as the choice by the organization that, in the end, is the biggest winner of this contest, manages to raise billions of reaisincluding interviews with all companies.


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