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Unimed Primavera Hospital (HUP) is accredited by the National Institutes of Health (ANVISA) for excellence in patient safety. HUP is located at seven hospitals in all of Piauí with safety compliance, with 90.48% compliance scores.

The National Patient Safety Survey is conducted annually by ANVISA. In 2022, 23 public and private hospitals joined. 21 measures were taken of the standards, procedures and risk management, in accordance with the Resolution of the Board of Directors (RDC) of ANVISA n ° 36/2013 by the Food Services nerves.

According to the General Manager of HUP, Dr. Rafael Correia Lima (CRM-PI 3681), the certificate certifies the hospital’s construction work for many years.

“For us, it is the endorsement of the state’s largest health care agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, about us. Our mission is to provide security in all our procedures and in a safe manner so that patients can receive the best possible care and safety. thing “, said the doctor.

IU Leão, Executive Director of HUP, added:

“It is a achievement for everyone who makes HUP. We at Unimed Primavera Hospital have the safety of every patient as a pillar and for that we work every day with cultural organizations. policy focuses on consumers and always strives for the best care. ”

For the Deputy Director of the Unimed Teresina System, physician André Sobral (CRM-PI 3573), the certification reflects the mission of the hospital, which is to always look after life with efficiency. and love.

“This is our theme. The quality of this care is part of our principle and, without a doubt, safety in service is one of them. We are very pleased with this recognition and are able to inform our clients that it has a great service in our hospital and with the assurance that everything will be accomplished in the right way. best to restore his health. “

President of Unimed Teresina System, physician Newton Nunes Filho (CRM-2419) pointed out that the accomplishments reflected the efforts and teamwork of Unimed Hospital:

“We value patient safety, and an acknowledgment from Anvisa can only demonstrate that compliance with Unimed Primavera Hospital is in patient safety.”

Unimed Primavera Hospital and Ilhotas Unit
Technical Director: Dr. Rafael Correia Lima (CRM-PI 3681)

Emergency Care – Parnaíba
Technical Director: Edgard dos Santos Verás Júnior (CRM-PI 2278)

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