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Striker Jobson was taken to the Angra dos Reis police station, in Rio de Janeiro, on suspicion of involvement in the drug trade. The incident took place on Thursday, the 5th, in the Japuiba region, during an operation by the Police Department, which was investigating the complaint.

The PM was looking for a house and found 16 packs of marijuana and 12 pins of white powder. Jobson’s connection to the discovery was made by exchanging information with a man who lived in the home.

Upon arrival in the area, the player was approached by police and sent to the 166th DP, but was released. He had no weapons or medicine, as PM thought. Two people were arrested in the police operation.

Drugs seized by Angra dos Reis Police – Photo: Print / PMERJ

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Jobson started his career at Brasiliense in 2009. After joining the DF club, the strikers went from Botafogo, Atlético-MG, Bahia, Grêmio Barueri, São Caetano and Al-Ittihad, from Saudi Arabia. During this time, the player writes problems due to drug use.

Suspended since 2015 by FIFA from doing all work related to football until March 31, 2018, Jobson was accused by the Saudi club of refusing to undergo medical tests. FIFA has since given international recognition to the sanctions imposed by the Saudi Football Federation.

During the delay, the alleged perpetrator was involved in a case of assault on a vulnerable person. Since then, Jobson has been arrested three times. In June 2016, a follow-up arrest warrant was issued by the Justice of the Conceição do Araguaia, on the inside of Pará. The case began to be investigated when one of the teenagers, who claimed to have been abused by the player, searched the police after a picture of him ended up in the media exchange. online. Jobson denies all allegations.

Jobson writes controversy in his job – Photo: Reproduction TV Globo

In June 2017, he was arrested again after being involved in an altercation that left the man dead. At that time, he was still in prison and returned to prison because he left the city without permission. After more than two months, it was announced release and was released.

He was arrested again on September 29 of the same year. This time, according to the Court of Justice, he was out of the restraining order, traveling to Pará. The case went to court for wearing an ankle brace.

In 2019, he agreed to return to Brasiliense, but ended up at the club due to internal problems. The following year he returned to Rio de Janeiro, where he tried to continue in the state where he was privileged to wear the Botafogo shirt, only this time in Portuguesa.

However, the crossing of Lusa was short. The opponent will not be satisfied with the failure. There, he played only 45 minutes. Significant signing of the team for the season, Jobson only played in the second round of the tournament against Macaé, for the State Choice. It was not about sports.

Outside Lusa, it was hired by Independente-PA. He only played two matches, about two weeks at the club until he was fired for unbelief after a video was leaked to show him drinking at a karaoke bar in the city. Tucuruí, inside Pará.

The board did not accept Jobson’s only mistake at the club, as his behavior was right after the match against Campeonato Paraense which the team lost, where he was not penalized and expelled. out.

Jobson sang and drank after being acquitted and expelled in the defeat of Independente-PA

Jobson sang and drank after being acquitted and expelled in the defeat of Independente-PA

The 2022 season has kicked off to a rocky start for the hit. It agreed to defend Itupiranga in the Campeonato Paraense, but ended with an agreement with Sete de Setembro, by Pernambuco. He was not in the team for 10 days, with the approval of Paraguayan football.

Forward Jóbson attends workshop at Sete de Setembro – Photo: Publication

On January 13, Jobson announced in a video that he would be playing for União Cacoalense, from Rondônia, where he will be playing for 2021. However, seven days later, he has announced Sport Lagoa Seca for the Paraibano Championship. He played five games and did not score a goal.

In the second half of last year, the striker mentioned Capixaba in the Espírito Santo Cup, where he scored the highest score with seven goals and chose the star of the tournament. competition.

Jobson, from Capixaba, uses the title of best scorer of the Espírito Santo Cup 2021 – Photo: Wagner Chaló

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